Recreational Facility Bookings

Please fill out the following form with as much detail as possible to ensure timely and accurate service. Depending on the scope of your rental request, you may be required to fill out a Festival and Events application. For more information on hosting special events on Town of Georgina property, please visit our Festival and Events Permit page. For booking requests involving multiple facilities, please fill out one form per facility, or contact our customer service team at

Note that proof of valid insurance naming the Town as additionally insured must be provided (or added for an additional fee) to your rental agreement. Set up and take down of facilities is not included in the rental agreement and is the sole responsibility of the permit holder.

You will be contacted within two business days following the submission of this form.

Contact Information
Wedding, Birthday Party, Tournament, etc.
Surface Type
Year-round excluding July.
Gym Size
Single Gym
Double Gym
Will you require kitchen access?

For a full list, please see our Parks Directory

Field Size
Mini Field
Youth Field
Full-Size Field
Volleyball Court (ROC & De La Salle Only)
Pool Requirements
Half-Pool (Main)
Full-Pool (Main)
Therapy Pool
Leisure Pool
(Georgina Leisure Pool only).

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