Rehabilitation of Roadside Ditches


This long-term program involves the management and reconstruction of approximately 500km of open ditch and culvert systems in the Town of Georgina. Roadside ditches serve the purpose of capturing and conveying drainage away from public and private property to stormwater outlets. The Town faces challenges with standing water and flooding due to low elevations and flat topography.

The ditch reconstruction program aims to reconstruct major sections of ditches and culverts each year to ensure they are functioning effectively. The program includes the replacement of driveway culverts and roadway cross-culverts where required.

Virginia Boulevard and Burnie Road ditches

Based on a multi-criteria analysis, it was determined that Virginia Boulevard and Burnie Road would be the first two roads where ditch rehabilitation works will be performed. The scope of work includes the rehabilitation of 2.82km of ditches along Virginia Boulevard and 0.4km of ditches along Burnie Road. Water’s Edge Environmental Solutions Team has been awarded the contract to design and oversee the construction works for this project.



two images of roadside ditches filled with water

Map of affected area

map of affected area with Virginia Blvd and Burnie Rd. highlighted

Public Engagement

Town Contact

Patryk Frankiewicz, P.Eng
Senior Project Manager


Water’s Edge Environmental Solutions Team
Ed Gazendam


Master Utility Division Inc.
Mitch Fairbarn



  • September 2023 – Design completed
  • April 2024 – Construction starts
  • June 2024 – Construction complete



Letter to the residents - March 22, 2024

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this project is to improve drainage and reduce the amount of standing water in the roadside ditches.

Will access to my driveway be impacted?

Part of the scope of this project includes the replacement of culverts under driveways. Therefore, driveway access may be temporarily closed for a short period. The Town and/or contractor will be in communication with residents to minimize impacts to residents.

There is always water in my ditch.

In some locations, the ditches carry water from large upstream areas. Water may continue to flow in the ditches for several days after a rainfall.

In locations near Lake Simcoe or adjacent to wetlands, the water level in the lake or wetland may back up into the nearby ditches.

The ditches will not drain out until the lake level is lowered. Lake levels are controlled seasonally as part of the Trent-Severn Waterway system.

Can I modify the ditch in front of my home or add decorative material such as river rock?

Residents are not permitted to modify the ditches adjacent to their homes. The ditches have been designed to contain and convey stormwater runoff to the appropriate outlet, and any modifications could result in adverse impacts.

Who is responsible for maintenance of the ditches after the project is completed?

Refer to the Town’s Summer Maintenance webpage which addresses questions related to ditching and culverts, including the level of maintenance done by the Town. 

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