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The Town of Georgina is projected to grow to approximately 71,000 people by 2031. After significant growth in 2016, development is expected to continue at a stable pace. The majority of the Town's urban growth is in Keswick. Within Keswick, a significant portion of the lands abutting the west side of Woodbine Avenue are designated Commercial/Employment Area. 

The Town's Business Park, comprised of approximately 235 ha of land located on the east side of Woodbine Avenue, south of the Maskinonge River and west of the planned Highway 404 extension, has potential to provide between 6,500 to 7,500 new jobs. 

Major Proposed Development Areas

  • Keswick - The majority of Georgina's existing designated employment land and urban development area is located within Keswick. The Keswick Secondary Plan designates an extensive area on the west side of Woodbine Avenue as Commercial/Employment Lands.
  • Sutton - A substantial amount of residential development has commenced within the Sutton Area. Within the development areas, the availability of housing, retail and service commercial uses in close proximity will promote Sutton as a lifestyle destination. These development areas are to be serviced by municipal water and sewers.



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