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Water Billing

The Town of Georgina provides water and sewer utilities. Water bills are issued for residential properties quarterly and commercial properties monthly. Water in Georgina is metered and the bill is based on consumption. The 2019 water rate is $2.60 per cubic metre, the sewer rate is $2.76 per cubic metre and the capital cost recovery charge is $18.57 per billing. 


The Town of Georgina is serviced by Hydro One and all your billing information can be found on their website.


Enbridge is the gas distributer servicing the Town of Georgina and all your billing information can be found on their website.

Phone and Internet

There are many different phone and internet providers in Georgina. Due to the size and distributed population in the Town the services and speeds offered maybe different. Be sure to follow-up with the different providers in the area to ensure that your area of interest is serviced to meet your needs.