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Lighthouse on water with red top and birds flying

In 2018, Council authorized staff to work with a local resident on a proposal to design and construct a lighthouse at Jackson’s Point Harbour to replace the previous day marker. The lighthouse is intended to celebrate the spirit of Jackson’s Point and the harbour as a destination on Lake Simcoe. 

The goal of the lighthouse is to provide improved safety to boaters approaching from Lake Simcoe, and commemorate a lasting impression and legacy to the people of Jackson’s Point, who invested in their community to make it a better place for generations to come.

Throughout 2018, Town staff worked to develop drawings for the lighthouse to ensure the structure would meet or exceed applicable standards.

About the lighthouse

  • Complete height upon completion: 30 feet or nine metres
  • Lighthouse base: nine feet by nine feet  
  • The original beacon will be replaced with a modern, more technologically advanced and efficient LED light source.
  • The amber beacon will be approximately 30 feet above water level and will be enclosed, programmable and visible up to five nautical miles.
  • The proposed LED light source can be controlled directionally and black panels will be added to eliminate light pollution to neighbouring residents.
  • Operating power will be provided by solar-powered batteries. Manual operation assistance is not required as the lighthouse will be fully autonomous and automatic.
  • Construction began in the late summer of 2019.
  • Anticipated completion December 2019.

The lighthouse project was an initiative proposed to the Town by resident Daryl Urquhart. He has covered all costs associated with the project – estimated at $160,000. The Town will assume full ownership and management of the asset once completed.