Sanitary Sewers

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A Sanitary Sewer Lateral is the connection or pipe between the private property dwelling and the Town sewer main. The sanitary sewer permits the discharge of all domestic waste out of the household from toilets and sinks.

Sewer problems may occur from time to time within the sewer main or the sewer lateral. If you experience sewage coming up through the basement floor drain, call the Town’s Operations and Engineering Department at 905-476-4301 as this may indicate a blockage in the sanitary sewer. Town Water and Wastewater staff will investigate to determine the condition of the sewer main and take the necessary steps to resolve any problems.


Do not attempt to clear a sewer lateral blockage without a Sewer Safety Inspection. For additional information, visit Enbrdige's Sewer Safety Inspection Guide.

If it is determined that the sewer backup is within the property or the service to the property, the Town does not provide services to resolve these situations. The property owner/homeowner should contact a licensed plumber for assistance.

Responsibility of sewer blockages

On private property

The property owner/homeowner is responsible for the clearing of all blockages that occur within the sewer lateral as well as repairs of damaged pipe on private property. Normal sewage includes wastewater and biological solids. Other materials such as diapers, hygiene products and greases that cause blockages must be disposed of separately.

On Town property

If it is determined that the sewer lateral is damaged within Town property and requires repair the Town will assess the problem to determine who is responsible to repair and undertake the necessary repairs if deemed necessary. Property owners are responsible for any material entering the Town's sanitary sewer from their property. Responsibility for blockages or collapses of sanitary laterals by tree roots or other causes will be assessed to determine who is responsible to repair.