Drinking Water Reports

The Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002 requires municipalities who maintain drinking water systems to prepare an annual report on the operation of the water system and the quality of water.

Annual Water Quality Reports

2023 Annual Water Quality Summary Report (Section 11)

2023 Annual Drinking Water Summary Report for Municipal Council (Schedule 22)

Quality Management Policy

The Town of Georgina’s Quality Management Policy is the “mission statement” of the Quality Management System.

Quality Management Systems Operational Plan

See the Quality Management Systems (QMS) Operational plan for more information. 

Sodium (Na) in drinking water

The Regional Municipality of York, provides treated drinking water to the Town of Georgina to distribute to residents.  Both the Region and Town have reported an average sodium concentration of elevated levels: 

  • 2019: 34mg/L Region Report
  • 2020: 32.3 to 32.5mg/L Regional Report  
  • 2023: 34-36mg/L Town of Georgina Report  

When test results for sodium exceed 20mg/l, the Safe Drinking Water Act requires the Operating Authority to report this as an adverse test result to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) and to the Regional Medical Officer of Health. 

Sodium is not considered toxic in moderate levels; however, many people consume more sodium than the recommended intake of 1500mg/day. Sodium is found in most food, soft and mineral water, and in most medication we ingest. As such, sodium in drinking water is not a health concern for the majority of people, however, those with conditions affected by sodium intake should consult with their physician on consumption of Town-supplied drinking water. 

The moderately elevated levels of sodium in the Town-supplied drinking water does not cause concern for taste or odour as the concentration is far below the taste and odour objective limit of 200mg/l. 

For more information please see the York Region Community and Health Services Sodium Fact Sheet

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