Resident Parking Passes

Get your resident parking pass to get free parking at Georgina parks and beaches.

Online application

The Town of Georgina has introduced a portal for resident parking passes. Residents and property owners can now apply and get their parking pass immediately. 

Residents can obtain up to a maximum of four parking passes per household through the Town’s online permitting and parking pass system, in accordance with the Town’s Parking Pass Policy. Make sure your parking pass is visible in your front windshield.

Online application

Tips for the online application

  • You will need to register or log in to the system to access the permit application.
  • To enter your Town of Georgina address, start typing the address and select from the drop-down list of addresses.
  • You can have up to four parking permits per address.
  • If you did not receive your email pass, check your junk mail folder.
  • You can also access your parking pass through the portal if you cannot find your emailed pass. 
  • If you have any difficulties setting up your account or your pass, contact Service Georgina at 905-476-4301, ext. 3001 or by email at

Frequently asked questions

When are parking passes required?

Parking passes must be displayed on your dashboard while parked in areas where required by signage. The resident parking pass is only valid if the front side of the pass and licence plate number is clearly visible from the rear view mirror or front dashboard.

Motorcycles are exempt from the requirement to display a resident parking pass.

For the winter season, parking passes are required to be used at the parking lot at Rayners Boat Launch and Glenwoods Parkette. From spring to fall, passes are also required at De La Salle Beach, Willow Beach, Holmes Point, Young’s Harbour, North Gwillimbury Park and Jackson’s Point Harbour.

Who can apply for parking passes?

All property owners and residents in Georgina are eligible to apply for a resident parking pass. If you are a tenant, you are required to upload a lease agreement or utility bill to demonstrate your proof of residency.

Residents can obtain up to four parking passes per household. Passes are linked to licence plates and are not transferable.

Residents in possession of an Accessible Parking Permit can be used in multiple vehicles (displayed along with your resident parking pass) in order to accommodate accessible needs. Contact Service Georgina for more information.

How do I set up an account for my resident parking pass?

  1. Sign up for an account with the Town's online permitting and parking pass portal using an email address and password
  2. Select "Order Permits and Parking Passes"
  3. Complete the form with your contact information and Town of Georgina address.
  4. Select "Residential Parking Pass"
  5. Enter licence plate number for vehicle(s) and "Add permit to cart"
  6. Checkout to complete the application process
  7. Your permit will be emailed to you once approved

For assistance using the online permitting and parking pass portal, contact Service Georgina at 905-476-4301, ext 3001.

What do I need to apply for a pass?

If you are a tenant, you are required to upload a lease agreement or utility bill to demonstrate your proof of residency.

How quickly will I get my permit?

Your parking pass will be issued to you immediately through the Town’s online permitting and parking pass system. Please make sure your parking pass is visible in your front windshield.

The Town reserves the right to revoke permits from pass holders who do not meet the eligibility criteria.

Who can I contact if I have questions or need help with applying?

Residents who have questions about eligibility, or who need assistance with the online permitting and parking pass portal can contact Service Georgina at 905-476-4301 ext. 3001.

Who do I contact if I have a dispute about a parking ticket?

Any disputes regarding a Municipal Law Enforcement issued parking ticket should be directed to Municipal Law Enforcement  905-476-4301 ext 2279 

I am a resident, but the portal is indicating I am not eligible for a permit?

Residents should confirm that the address entered in the portal matches the drop-down list of residential addresses. For further assistance, contact Service Georgina.

The Town of Georgina assumes no responsibility whatsoever for damage, loss of vehicle contents and accessories from any cause whatsoever. We encourage all users to lock their vehicles.

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