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Each Term of Office, the Town of Georgina Council invites community members to sit on the Georgina Public Library Board (PLB) to deal with matters related to the operation of the local libraries.

The Georgina Public Library Board (PLB) regulates all matters connected with the management of our three libraries, located in Keswick, Pefferlaw and Sutton, and library property and provides a comprehensive and efficient public library service that reflects the community’s unique needs, through the Public Libraries Act.

Georgina Public Library Board members:

  • Identify and represent local community needs and interests.
  • Ensure the delivery of programs and services that reflect the unique needs and interests of the Georgina community.
  • Approve budgets to be presented to Municipal Council that provide sufficient levels of funding to ensure quality library service for the Georgina community.
  • Monitor and evaluate the management of the Library within approved budget limits

Terms of Reference

The Committee’s 

  outlines the purpose, general activities and membership responsibility.

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Current PLB Members

  • Suzette Leeming, Chair
  • Bobbi Sabatini, Vice-Chair
  • Naomi Davison, Councillor
  • Charlene Biggerstaff, Councillor
  • Lori Anderson
  • Gabriel (Sam) Kennedy
  • Mary Catherine Macaluso
  • Rita Beechey

The PLB meets the third Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Keswick Branch, with an annual visit to Pefferlaw and Peter Gzowski Branches.  Please check for schedule changes.

For assistance and information please contact the Board Secretary by email at or telephone at 905-476-4301 ext. 2248, or alternatively Chair Suzette Leeming by email at

Agendas and Minutes

Please visit the Georgina's PLB Agendas and Minutes web page.

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