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Mar 26

We are unfortunately unable to process debit and credit card payments at the Leisure Pool due to town-wide internet issues stemming from the ice storm. We can only accept cash until this issue can be resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience. We look forward to you joining us today!

Mar 25

As power begins to be restored across town, Georgina is winding down the temporary warming shelter for the night. Staff will continue to clear Town roads and sidewalks of ice and debris throughout the weekend. Residents are reminded to stay clear of downed power lines and to watch for falling ice and tree limbs. For homes and businesses still without power, please make sure that you turn off any major appliances such as electric ranges and stove tops as these could pose a potential fire hazard when the power comes back on.

Mar 25

The Georgina Fire Department would like to remind residents to take care when operating back-up generators and barbecues especially for people who are continuing to experience power outages due to the ice storm.

NEVER use a barbecue inside your home or garage, or you could put you and your family at serious risk of Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning!

NEVER operate a generator inside your home, basement or garage or you could put you and your family at serious risk of Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning!

Mar 25

Enviornment Canada is calling for brisk winds today with potentially significant impacts on power outages due to falling limbs and trees. The major ice storm which ravaged many parts of Southern Ontario with substantial ice accumulations has essentially ended.

Georgina Town staff are busy dealing with the aftermath of the ice storm. Please stay away from downed wires and be careful and watch for tree branches that may fall due the weight of the ice.

We will provide updates throughout the day as necessary.

Mar 24



TAKE NOTICE that the Corporation of the Town of Georgina Council will be considering revisions to By-law 2004-0131 (FI-4) and By-law 2013-0037 being by-laws to establish Fire and Emergency Services fees for the Town at its meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 20, 2016 commencing at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the Town of Georgina Civic Centre, 26557 Civic Centre Road, Keswick. 

Mar 15

Please be advised that The Georgina Leisure Pool will be CLOSED for maintenance from Tuesday, March 29 to Sunday, April 3. Regular programming will commence on Monday, April 4. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and regret any inconvenience this may cause. On behalf of the Town of Georgina, we would like to thank you for your patience during this time.

Mar 15

Load Restrictions in Effect

The Town of Georgina implements a reduced load period from March 1 to May 15 of each year.

As per Section 122 of the Highway Traffic Act, Subject to section 110, during a reduced load period, no commercial motor vehicle or trailer, other than a public vehicle or a vehicle referred to in subsection (2), shall be operated or drawn upon any designated highway where the weight upon an axle exceeds 5,000 kilograms.

Mar 11

Replace batteries in your smoke and CO alarms with switch to Daylight Time this weekend

The Georgina Fire Department is urging residents to replace batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms with the change to Daylight Time on Sunday, March 13.

Mar 8

Provincial regulations require municipalities to prepare reports annually which describe the municipal drinking water system and the results of the required drinking water sampling.

The annual report for the period of January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015 is now available for review at the Civic Centre in the Office of the Clerk or on our website.

Municipal Drinking Water System Annual Report

Mar 7

Town of Georgina Preparing Background Study to Establish New Development Charges By-law

Development charges (DC) are charges imposed on development in municipalities in Ontario to fund growth-related capital costs.  DCs pay for new infrastructure and facilities to maintain service levels.

The Town of Georgina is currently preparing a Background Study for the intent of establishing a new Development Charges By-law.