Leaves, Brush and Yard Waste

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Yard Waste is collected with recycling every second week from April to November. There is no limit on the amount of yard waste that can be placed with collection providing that acceptable label containers are used (yard waste stickers are available at no charge).

Please use environmentally friendly kraft paper bags or regular garbage container. Tree and shrub clippings should be tied with string and bundled. The maximum diameter of the trees and shrub clippings is 60cm (24 inches) and 90cm (36 inches) in length. Tree stumps will not be collected. Bundles or bags shall not exceed 22kg (50lbs) in weight.

Please note that the Town does not accept grass clippings, dirt or sod in curbside yard waste collection.

For more information, view the Waste and Recycling Calendar, download our free Recycle Coach App on your mobile phone or tablet, or call Service Georgina at 905-476-4301 Ext. 3001.