Pefferlaw Recreation Outdoor Amenities


In 2014, Council adopted the Recreation Needs study produced by Monteith Brown Planning Consultants. The key study objectives included facility rationalization, needs assessment and feasibility analysis. Over 40 recommendations were identified in the study while following guiding principles for the Town of Georgina’s future decision-making. 

The Guiding principles are: 
  • Build a healthy community and foster active lifestyles. 
  • Provide inclusive, affordable and accessible recreational opportunities for all Georgina residents. 
  • Ensure that recreation and park facilities are multi-use, multi-generational and responsive to true needs. 
  • Encourage design and practices that promote energy efficiency and “green” technologies.
  • Foster and support partnerships that create synergies and leverage resources. 
  • Make decisions that are financially responsible and sustainable for the Town and its residents both existing and future. 

In 2020, Council directed staff to reach out to the Ward 5 community (Pefferlaw and surrounding area) to conduct a study of the public needs and wants for recreation facilities, programs and services specific to Ward 5.

Through the 2022 budget deliberation, Council has approved $1,446,750.00 in capital funding for recreation improvements specific to the Ward 5 area.

Staff initiated the Pefferlaw Recreation Needs study in the Fall of 2021 to engage our Ward 5 residents through two online survey opportunities and one in-person public consultation forum held in November 2021 at the Pefferlaw Lions Hall.

On April 27th, Council approved the recommendations presented by staff.

New outdoor amenities coming soon:

  • Pump and Skate Park
  • PIP/Sports Zone
  • Expand on existing Pathways and Park Amenities
  • Community Garden


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