Uptown Keswick Parkette Revitalization Project


This exciting project revitalized the Uptown Keswick Parkette, located at 2 the Queensway S., in Uptown Keswick. This project turned an underused urban parkette into an inviting and inclusive space for the community and local businesses.

COVID-19 restrictions have showcased the importance of inclusive, accessible and welcoming outdoor spaces for people to gather and host events. The Keswick Parkette is located in the Town’s historic business centre, so this park is a space for residents to gather and support local businesses in Uptown Keswick.

This parkette features:

  • A new multi-purpose shelter with power outlets to support community events and performances
  • Accessible seating throughout
  • Hardscape plaza and gathering space
  • A public art installation celebrating indigenous culture 
  • Other improvements to beautify the space

Indigenous sculpture - Nanabush

Sculpture by Ron Baird in collaboration with Indigenous consultant Jared BigCanoe.

An original piece depicting Nanabush, the son of Winona, an Ojibwe woman and Epingishmook, the spirit of the west wind. He is described as a trickster, and a larger-than-life half-god half-human, born with the ability to shapeshift.

In this piece, Nanabush is moving as the wind while he shapeshifts into a waabooz (rabbit).

Photos and videos

Initial conditions

Initial conditions

3 photos of the Keswick parkette

Proposed plan

Progress photos

side-by-side of the new shelter at the park, snow on ground

June progress photos

side by side of the updates at Uptown Keswick Parkette

side by side of the updates at Uptown Keswick Parkette


Public engagement

Town contact

Courtney Rennie
Senior Project Manager, Parks and Open Space, Town of Georgina
Email: cerennie@georgina.ca
Cell: 905-955-1887



This project was completed in July 2023.

Construction of the rest of the parkette began in spring with all work completed by July 2023.

The new multi-purpose shelter was installed by January 2023.

This project has been divided into two phases to accommodate grant funding deadlines.




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