Regulatory By-laws

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The Council for the Town of Georgina has passed the following regulatory by-laws. This list is a summary only as some by-laws may require residents to obtain a permit or licence. Contact the Office of the Clerk or Municipal Law Enforcement for more information regarding any Town of Georgina by-law.

By-law No. Alternative Name Purpose
2003-0073 (REG-1) Animal To regulate and prohibit large animals and the impounding of such animals.

PDF file By-law 2015-0150 As Amended 2021

Building To govern issuance of permits and related matters.
 90-35 (PWE_1) Discharge of Firearms To prohibit and regulate the discharge of guns or other firearms, air-guns, spring guns, cross-bows, long-bows, or any other class or type thereof in the municipality or in any defined area.
2008-0138 (REG-1) Dogs - Control To provide for control of aggressive/dangerous dogs and certain other animals.
PDF file 2004-0130 (LI-3) Dogs - Licensing To provide for the licensing and registration of dogs and for prohibiting the running at large of dogs. Licence required.
2003-0072 Exotic Pets To prohibit the keeping exotic pets.
PDF file 2014-0002 (LI-3) Fireworks To regulate the sale, storage, safe handling and discharge of fireworks within the Town
PDF file 2011-0024 (PWO-1) Garbage Collection

To regulate and provide for handling and collection of garbage rubbish, and ashes.

Half Load Restriction To designate the dates on which a reduced load period shall start and end.
 PDF file 2015-0034 (REG-1 Kennel Licensing To licence Kennels, Doggie Day Cares, Pet Stores, Groomers, Rescues, Brokers and Catteries

PDF file 2002-0169_Licensing By-law

PDF file 2019-0061Short-term Rental Accommodation By-law

PDF file 2019-0068 Refreshment Vehicle By-law

PDF file 2010-0075 (LI-3)PDF file 2014-0005 (LI-3)

Licensing To licence certain businesses, trades, and occupations within the Town of Georgina including Bed and Breakfasts, Adult Entertainment Parlours, Yard Sales, Refreshment Vehicles, Carts and Bicycles, Taxis, Hawkers and Peddlers, Kennels, Salvage Yards, Places or Amusement and Transient Traders. Licence or permit required.
PDF file 95-56 (REG-1) Loitering and Public Nuisance To regulate the circulation of pedestrians on streets within the Town of Georgina.
PDF file 2003-0075 (PWE-1) Noise To prohibit and regulate noise within the Town of Georgina.
 2000-0071 (REG-1) PDF file 2016-0019 Open Air Fires To regulate the time and precautions for open air burning of materials. Permit required.
2002-0046 (TR-1)PDF file 2011-0131 (TR-1) Parking To regulate street parking within the Town of Georgina. Permits may be required. Also, to prohibit putting debris on any roadway.
PDF file 2018-0054 Parking To regulate Accessible Parking requirements within the Town of Georgina. 
Pesticides Pesticides To establish rules and guidelines for the use of pesticides enforced by the Ministry of the Environment.
PDF file 2016-0014 (COU-2) Procedural By-law To govern the calling, place, and proceedings of meetings for the Town of Georgina.
For additional information regarding closed meetings, visit the Amberley Gavel website.
PDF file 98-106 (BU-1)PDF file 2000-040 (BU-1) Property Standard To establish standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property within the Town of Georgina.
PDF file 2006-0062


To regulate the use and erection of signs within the Town of Georgina. Permit required
PDF file 2018-0021_election_signs_by-law.pdf Election Signs By-law Being a by-law to manage and regulate election signs in the Town of Georgina.
 2012-0061 (REG-1) Smoking at Town Outdoor Facilities To prohibit smoking of tobacco products at all Civic Centre soccer pitches to the north of the Civic Centre administrative building.
2003-0077 (REG-1) Snow and Ice Removal To provide for the clearing away and removal of snow and ice from roads, sidewalks, and buildings.
PDF file 2008-0079 (BU-1) Swimming Pool Enclosures To require the erection and maintenance of fences and gates around private outdoor swimming pools to make such pools not readily accessible to small children. Permit required.
PDF file 2011-0044 (REG-1)PDF file 2014-0048 (REG-1) Site Alteration To prohibit or regulate the removal of topsoil, the placing or dumping of fill material and the alteration of the grade of land in all areas within the Town of Georgina.
Zoning Bylaw 500 Zoning By-law Zoning By-Law Number 500 Consolidated Edition and Amendments.
PDF file rban_Hens_By-law2020-0004 Urban Hens Pilot Project By-law To licence, regulate and govern backyard hens - 2 year Pilot Project

Further Amendments are made available at Georgina's Electronic Management System (GEMS).


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