Zoning Bylaw 500

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Zoning By-Law 500 Consolidated Edition and Amendments

The Zoning By-law regulates the use, size, height, density, and location of buildings on properties within Georgina. The purpose of the Zoning By-law is to regulate what, where and how much you can build on a property. The By-law is made up of:

  • Words and Numbers - called "regulations" or "provisions" state how land may be used, where buildings and other structures can be located, the types and heights of buildings that are permitted, the lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, and setbacks from the street.
  • Maps - called "Schedules" identifies the property's zone type and category. Zones range from Residential to Commercial to Industrial well as Institional and Rural.

Date of Adoption: July 7, 1994 | Approved by the Ontario Municipal Board: August 24, 1995 | Latest Revision: August 19, 2019

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Zoning By-law 500
Cover Table of Contents Zoning Amendment Table
Section 1 Table Area Covered and Application Section 2 - Definitions Section 3 Classifications and Schedules
Section 4 Interpretation Section 5 - General Provisions To All Zones Section 6 Zone Requirements for Residential Uses
Section 7 R1 Low Density Section 8  R2 Low Density Section 9 R3 Medium Density
Section 10 R Residential Zone Section 11 ER Estate Residential Zone Section 12 I Institutional Zone
Section 13 Other Zone Requirements for Commercila Uses Section 14 C1 General Commercial Zone Section 15 C2 Highway Commercial Zone
Section 16 C3 Local Commercial Zone Section 17 C4 Shopping Centre Commercial Zone Section 18 C5 Tourist Commercial Zone
Section 19 C6 Recreational Commercial Zone Section 20 M1 Restricted Industrial Zone Section 21 M2 General Industrial Zone
Section 22 M3 Extractive Industrial Zone Section 23 M4 Storage Industrial Zone Section 24 M5 Disposal Industrial Zone
Section 25 A Airfield Zone Section 26 T Transitional Zone Section 27 OS Open Space Zone
Section 28 RU Rural Zone Section 29 BP1 Business Park 1 Zone Section 30 BP2 Business Park 2 Zone
Section 31 BP 2G Business Park 2 Gateway Zone Section 32 BP3 Business Park 3 Zone Section 33 Administration

Schedule 'A'
Map 1 Map 1A
Map 2 Page 1 Map 2 Page 2
Map 2 Page 3 Map 2A
Map 2B Map 3 Page 1
Map 3 Page 2 Map 4
Map 5 Page 1 Map 5 Page 2
Map 6 Map 6A
Map 6B Map 7
Map 7A Map 8 Page 1
Map 8 Page 2 Map 9
Map 10 Map 11

Schedules 'B'

  Schedule 'B' - Maps