Support Grants

The Town of Georgina's support programs include a development application fee rebate and a temporary patio program. 
For any development rebate or temporary patio inquiries connect with us.

Temporary Patio Program and Grant

The Temporary Patio Program was created to assist restaurants across the municipality with recovery efforts. Restaurant establishments that wish to build a new or expand an existing patio must complete an application that will be reviewed in consultation with Town staff from the Development Services and Operations and Infrastructure Department. Businesses with an identified Business Improvement Area are eligible to receive a grant to assist with constructing their temporary patio. Visit for more information and to submit an application online.

Development Rebate Building Permit Fee Program

The Development Application Rebate Program has been created to provide additional assistance to the business community by providing a rebate for building permit fees. Evaluation and approval of the applications will be determined by Georgina's Economic Recovery Team until such time as the Economic Development Committee begins to meet.

This funding opportunity recognizes that conducting retrofits or renovations may necessitate the submission of a building permit together with associated fees.

If an application is approved, rebates for building permit fees would be provided to owners/business operators following completion of the work and issuance of an occupancy permit by the Chief Building Official.

Application fee rebate amount:

75 per cent of the building permit to a maximum rebate of $3,000 will be provided for building permit fees (depending on the number of applications received, applicants may not receive the full amount requested)


  • All sectors are eligible
  • All locations within the municipality are eligible
  • Any individual of their immediate family who received a bi-weekly remuneration from the Town of Georgina is ineligible

Development Rebate Building Permit Fee Application

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