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Patio Program in Georgina
The Georgina Temporary Patio Program has been created to assist restaurants throughout the municipality with the impacts and restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The program will expire on December 31, 2021.

Strict guidelines related to COVID-19 regulations related to indoor and patio seating capacity are expected to continue for many months. This temporary program assists restaurant establishments that wish to build a new or expand an existing outdoor dining areas/patios to increase seating capacity while still maintaining social distancing. Business owners are required to complete this application which will be reviewed in consultation with Town staff.

*Please note that if you applied and were approved for the program in 2020, you will need to re-apply again for 2021.

*Although permits for temporary patios will be processed, use of outdoor dining areas is subject to compliance with Provincial Regulations. 

Temporary Patio Program process

  1. Submit application together with a drawing showing the layout and use of space for a patio and capacity limits.
  2. Staff will review the application submission within three to five business days and advise the applicant of approval and/or required revisions necessary to establish a patio.
  3. Georgina Economic Recovery Task Force will issue notice of approval.


Private Property Guidelines

In order to ensure safe operation of outdoor patios on private property, operators must follow the guidelines below:

  • Shall not build or expand permanent structures like decks, walls, stairs, etc.
  • Shall not amplify sound of any type
  • Shall not block access to fire connections/fire routes or adjacent businesses
  • Private patio operators are solely responsible for ensuring their patio meets AODA requirements, complies with the Noise Bylaw and meets any other regulatory requirements.
  • Conditions imposed by the Town (e.g. hours of operation) will apply to any expanded patio area.
  • The permit becomes null and void if the applicant should fail to meet the requirements of the permit

Temporary Patio Outdoor Heater Guidelines


  • No fueled heating appliance is permitted in any enclosed or partially enclosed area.
  • Installing a fueled fire appliance (i.e. propane heaters, BBQ) on an outdoor patio must be certified and comply with all Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) regulations
  • All fuel fired appliances must have a clearance of 3’ from all flammable materials and devices with an open flame must be secured
  • TSSA may also require specific clearances for placement of heater devices

Tents and Other Similar Structures Guidelines

  • Tents/structures are not permitted in the right of way (sidewalks and curb lanes) to ensure full visibility for people driving, on bikes and pedestrians
  • At least two full sides of the outdoor dining area tent must be open to the outdoors and must not be substantially blocked in any way
  • Tent walls must not exceed > 50% of the perimeter
  • For public safety and accessibility reasons, nothing may be drilled or affixed to the sidewalk or roadway
  • No fueled heating appliance is permitted in any enclosed or partially enclosed area
  • Tents will require building permits if > 60 m2. All tents must be no closer than 3 metres from a building whether or not a building permit is required.
  • All tents with area greater than 60 m2 on it’s own, or aggregate area of a group of tents less than 3 metres to each other require a building permit
  • Any tent > 225 m2 require professional engineer (p.eng) design and review
  • All tents requiring a permit must be certified to CAN/ULC-S109
  • Toilets must be provided to comply with the occupant load of the tent. If the main building’s toilets are being used to support the tent, the occupant load will be limited based on the total occupant load of building plus tent. Please note this may be offset with COVID-related restriction on indoor eating and may be reviewed at the time of a building permit application.
  • A building permit application must include a design of all fabric materials and structural supports and be prepared by a qualified designer.
Patio Grant Program

The Outdoor Patio Grant Program supports restaurants during the recovery phase and helps them with the funding required to establish or enhance outdoor dining areas. Eligible businesses can receive a maximum of 50 per cent up to $2,000 towards the cost of their temporary patio construction. 

The program is for restaurant/dining establishments located within the three Business Improvement Areas (BIA's) in Uptown Keswick, Sutton and Jackson's Point.

Before you start:

  • Your application must be submitted prior to occurring costs that are to be considered in the grant application.
  • Two quotes must be provided.
  • Patio must be located on private property.
  • The program is not retroactive.
  • The grant program is active until Dec. 31, 2021.

CIP Patio Grant Program Application


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