Plans of Subdivision and Condominiums

Plan of Subdivision and Plan of Condominium 

The Development Engineering Division’s fee structure for new plans of subdivision and condominium development is premised on the value of the construction to be undertaken by the developer.  This estimated cost of construction is to reflect as accurately as possible the total cost of all construction related to the development, excluding building costs but including an appropriate amount for engineering services together with a contingency for the unknown factor.  For clarity those items to be included should be discussed with Engineering staff.

Engineering Fee:

  • 5.4% of the above 
  • 1% is payable with the first submission of engineering drawings
  • 4.4% is payable upon execution of a development or servicing agreement

Engineering Review:

  • 25% of Initial fee (5.4%), for each submission after the 3rd 

For more information, please see our Planning Fee By-law.

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