Site Plan Approval


The Town of Georgina's ("The Town") Bylaw 2022-0057 designates all lands within the Town as site plan control area. It also establishes procedures for how applications are processed, and exempts or delegates certain classes of site plan development from standard approval.
Site Plan approval is required for the construction, development, and re-development of all lands within the Town. The objective of Site Plan review is to improve the function, design and appearance of proposed developments. This is achieved by:
  • Implementing consistent municipal design and technical standards
  • Encouraging a high standard of structural and landscape design
  • Ensuring safe and efficient vehicular and pedestrian access, connections and circulation
  • Mitigating impacts on adjacent properties
  • Controlling the provision and placement of required services and facilities

Applying for Site Plan Approval

Prior to submitting a site plan application, you are required to attend a pre-consultation meeting in order to receive initial feedback on your concept plan. To book a pre-consultation meeting, contact the Planning Division at (905) 476-4301 Ext. 3008.

Following this initial meeting, applicants should submit their Site Plan Application to the Development Engineering Division.

All drawings and reports requested at the time of pre-consultation must be submitted at the time of application in the following quantities:

  • One (1) USB containing all drawings, reports, and documents submitted
  • Three (3) hardcopies of all drawings and reports (folded)
  • Two (2) additional copies of all drawings

All documents accompanying your application must be in conformance with the requirements of the Town’s Development Design Criteria, 2013.


The following fees, outlined in the “Site Plan Control Applications” section of the Town’s Planning Fee Bylaw are also due at the time of your initial submission:

  • Site Plan Application Fee (Varies)
  • Minimum Inspection Fee ($1,000)
  • Agreement Preparation Fee ($3,967)
  • Water Connection Fee (If Applicable)

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed for completeness and circulated to internal and external agencies. All comments will be compiled internally and returned to you within four (4) weeks of the time of acceptance of your application.


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