Site Plan Approval

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Site Plan Control is a specialized authority granted under Section 41 (2) of the Planning Act R.S.O. 1990, c.P.13 as amended that authorizes municipalities to review and approve the technical and design details of individual development proposals in a comprehensive and co-ordinated manner. On December 29th, 1986, Council of the Corporation of the Town of Georgina passed By-law No. 86-244 (PL-3), as amended by By-law 92-120 (PL-3) designating all lands within the territorial limits of the Town of Georgina as a site plan control area. 

The approval of a Site Plan application is required for the construction, development and re-development of all lands within the boundaries of the Town of Georgina. The objective of Site Plan review is to improve the function, design and appearance of proposed developments. This is achieved by:

  • Implementing consistent municipal design and technical standards
  • Encouraging a high standard of built form and landscape design
  • Ensuring safe and efficient vehicular and pedestrian access, connections and circulation
  • Mitigating impacts on adjacent properties
  • Controlling the provision and placement of required services and facilities
  • Creating appropriate relationships and transitions

Applying for Site Plan Approval

Prior to submitting a site plan application, applicants are required to attend a site plan pre-consultation meeting. To book a pre-consultation meeting, contact the Planning Division. Pre-consultation is required to confirm application requirements and receive initial comments on a concept plan. Development proposals may also require the approval of other agencies before a Building Permit can be issued. The applicant is encouraged to consult with these agencies prior to submitting a site plan application to co-ordinate the various approvals required.

To apply for Site Plan Approval, submission of a completed application form is required in accordance with the Site Plan Approval Application And Guidelines, including all required drawings, reports and payment of all fees.  

Review of Site Plan Control By-law and Application Process 

The Town of Georgina is reviewing its Site Plan Control By-law and Application Process. We are seeking public and stakeholder input on the current process and suggestions on improving the process.

Some of the key areas being reviewed include:

  • Delegation of Site Plan Approval
  • Exemptions of Applications from Site Plan Control
  • Review and Circulation Process
  • Communication and Public Notice
  • Security and Fees

For further details please see council report Site Plan Control and Application Process Review (below).

We would like your input, please provide all comments and suggestions by no later than August 30, 2019 in writing to: Aneeta Mohammed,



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