Hall Rentals

Looking for the perfect place to host your party or reception?

Town Operated Halls

De La Salle Chapel

Georgina Ice Palace Hall

Georgina Sutton Arena Hall

Kin Community Hall

Pefferlaw Lions Community Hall

The ROC Chalet

The Link

Hallboard Operated Halls

Belhaven Hall


25202 Warden Ave, Keswick

Capacity 91

Egypt Community Hall


6756 Smith Blvd, Pefferlaw

Capacity 166

Port Bolster Community Hall


31416 Lake Ridge Road, Port Bolster

Capacity 90

Udora Community Hall


24 Victoria Road, Udora

Capacity 182 and 101

Visit the Facility Booking Availability website, contact Service Georgina at 905-476-4301 ext. 3001 or by email at info@georgina.ca to book.

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