Sports Fields

The Town of Georgina's many Ball Diamonds and Soccer Pitches at West Park, Pefferlaw Park and the ROC have plenty of opportunity for rentals. Looking to condition in the off-season, plan a private event or birthday party, contact us today.

Facility availability


Space is currently available for occasional and one-time rentals on our soccer fields. Squeeze in some extra practice time or host your own scrimmage with a private rental! Availability is as follows:

  • Monday – Thursday - Limited availability past 6 p.m.
  • Friday: Open availability
  • Weekends: Open availability with some restrictions on our mini fields

How to book

Visit the Facility Booking Availability website, or contact the Community Services Department by email at or Customer Service at 905-476-4301 to book.

Locations and Fees

Payment may be made over the phone with your VISA/Mastercard.

A Fields 


ROC Ball 1,2,3,4 26479 Civic Centre Rd., Keswick

ROC Soccer 1,2,7,8,9,10 26479 Civic Centre Rd., Keswick

ROC Soccer mini 3,4,5,6 26479 Civic Centre Rd., Keswick


Youth A - 2 hr slot - $27.53

Adult A - 2 hr slot - $57.88

Resident Tournament Youth A - Per Field/Day - $110.16

Resident Tournament Adult A - Per Field/Day - $178.85

Non-Resident/Commercial Tournament A - Per Field/Day - $298.07

Youth Mini - 2 hr slot - $11.47

Resident Tournament Youth mini - Per Field/Day - $45.90

B Fields 


Pefferlaw Ball & Soccer 38 Pete’s Lane, Pefferlaw

West Park Ball 1,2 1210 Ravenshoe Rd., Keswick

Black River 5279 Black River Rd., Sutton

Udora Ball 24 Victoria Rd., Udora


Youth B - 2 hr slot - $22.96

Adult B - 2 hr slot - $48.23

Resident Tournament Youth B - Per Field/Day - $91.79

Resident Tournament Adult B - Per Field/Day - $149.04

Non-Resident/Commercial Tournament B - Per Field/Day - $248.39

C Fields



Youth C - 2 hr slot - $18.36

Adult C - 2 hr slot - $38.58

Resident Tournament Youth C - Per Field/Day - $73.44

Resident Tournament Adult C - Per Field/Day - $120.37

D Fields


Youth D - 2 hr slot - no cost

Artificial Turf


Youth - Hourly - $27.53

Adult - Hourly - $57.88

Tournament - Per Field/Day - $220.31

Non-Resident Youth - Hourly - $50.21

Non-Resident Adult - Hourly - $96.56

Non-Resident Tournament - Per Field/Day - $643.82

Lights Fees 


Rate #1 - Hourly - $22.67

Rate #2 - Hourly - $16.57

Smoking bylaw

Please note that Bylaw 2012-0061 (REG-1) prohibit smoking and use of tobacco products at all designated public spaces. Permit holders is responsible to ensure participants comply with the bylaw by abiding by signage and designated smoking areas. Failure to comply may results in fines.

Rental permits

Rental permits will be issued for all rentals, which outlines all charges and services. Individual permits must be paid at the time of booking. Payments will be required based on the Field Allocation Policy for leagues. Proof of insurance showing $2 million liability listing the Town of Georgina as an additional insured must be submitted or purchased on your rental permit. Cancellations due to rain outs must be reported to the Community Services Department by 2 p.m. the next business day.

Rent one of these fields

Visit the Facility Booking Availability website, contact Service Georgina at 905-476-4301 ext. 3001 or by email at to book.

Facility availability Book online

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