Fire and Emergency Services

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Georgina Fire and Rescue Services’ mission is to provide the utmost professional and competent service through our commitment to quality and excellence in the community for our citizens and visitors

We provide a range of services to residents and visitors in the Town of Georgina.  These include fire suppression, medical aid response, motor vehicle accident response, hazardous material response, ice/water rescue response, and fire prevention/public education.

We also provide public education, enforcement of the Ontario Fire Code and investigate causes of fires. Our services and mandate are outlined in our Establishing and Regulating By-Law.

Our department runs as a composite department with 3 fire stations that provide 24-7 protection to our residents.


Winter Safety Tips


Have you had your heating equipment serviced?

During the winter months there is a higher risk of home fires caused by heating equipment. Have your equipment serviced by a certified technician and keep combustible items at least 3 feet from heating equipment.

Don't forget to water your tree!

Do you put up a real Christmas tree for the holidays? Please remember to keep it watered - dry trees catch fire fast! Trees can drink up to 4 litres of water in one day. Check out this video that shows how fast a Christmas tree fire can spread

Clear the snow away from the fire hydrant by your property!

Help us help you!  In a fire every second counts if the hydrants are covered in snow it will take firefighters longer to get water to extinguish a fire.


Keep your vents clear!

It could save your life! Snow covered exhaust vents on your house can allow the appliance exhaust to fill your home putting you at a high risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.  As protection, clear snow and ice away from your vents and install working CO alarms outside your bedrooms.



Open-Air/ Recreational Burning

With fall clean-up, make sure to have you have your Open Air Burn Permit!  Whether you are having a recreational campfire or open-air burn on your property, make sure to read our Open Air Burning By-law.

Annual burn permits are available.  For a list of locations, and general guidelines, have a look at our Quick Reference Guide.


Fire and Emergency Services Staff

  • 1 Fire Chief
  • 1 Deputy Fire Chief
  • 1 Administrative Assistant and 1 part-time Administrative Assistant
  • 2 Public Educator/Fire Prevention Inspectors
  • 1 Fire Prevention Officer
  • 1 Training Officer
  • 40 Full-Time Firefighters
  • 60 Volunteer Firefighters

Contact Information


Keswick Fire Hall (Station 1-4)

165 The Queensway South
Keswick, ON, L4P 3S9
Phone:           905-476-2332
Fax:               905-476-7740


Sutton Fire Hall (Station 1-6)

37 Snooks Road
Sutton, ON


Pefferlaw Fire Hall (Station 1-8)

270 Pefferlaw Road
Pefferlaw, ON


Community Partners

We also support our community partners in their efforts to ensure the health and welfare of our citizens are in good hands:

·       York Region Paramedic Services

·       York Region Public Health

·       York Region Police (YRP) Services