Fire and Rescue Services

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The mission of Georgina Fire and Rescue Services is to provide the utmost professional and competent service through its commitment to quality and excellence in the community for residents and visitors.

Georgina Fire and Rescue Services provides a range of services to residents and visitors in the Town of Georgina including:

  • fire suppression
  • medical aid response
  • motor vehicle accident response
  • hazardous material response
  • ice/water rescue response
  • fire prevention
  • public education
  • enforcement of the Ontario Fire Code
  • investigation of the causes of fires

Our services and mandate are outlined in the Establishing and Regulating By-Law. The department runs as a composite department with three fire stations that provide 24-7 protection to residents.

Winter fire safety

fire hydrant with snow around it and the words, every second counts. clear snow from your closest fire hydrant.

With the winter months upon us, the shovels and snow-blowers are ready. Be a hydrant hero and keep fire hydrants three feet clear of ice and snow in every direction. In a fire emergency every second counts. You can help us by keeping the fire hydrant closest to your house clear of snow so we can connect to it if needed.  

To protect yourself and your family, take a walk around the outside of your home and make sure the intake and exhaust vents for furnaces and heating appliances are free of ice, snow, debris. This will prevent the buildup of deadly carbon monoxide in your home. Installed carbon monoxide and smoke alarms on every level of your home and test the device monthly.

Portable space heaters have become a popular way to heat a room or space. Ensure your heater is on a flat surface and is one metre (three feet) away from anything that can burn. Never use outdoor heating appliances indoors and consider a heater with an automatic shut off that prevents the device from overheating if it tips over.

Open-air Burn Permits - Applications available online

fire burning in a chiminea on a patio

Online permit applications for Agricultural and Open-air Burn Permits are now available.  

Fire and Emergency Services staff

  • 1 Fire Chief
  • 1 Deputy Fire Chief
  • 2 Administrative Assistants
  • 2 Public Educator/Fire Prevention Inspectors
  • 1 Fire Prevention Officer
  • 1 Training Officer
  • 40 Full-time Firefighters
  • 60 Volunteer Firefighters

Contact information

Headquarters/main office 

Keswick Fire Hall (Station 1-4)
165 the Queensway S.
Keswick, ON, L4P 3S9
Phone:           905-476-2332
Fax:               905-476-7740

Sutton Fire Hall (Station 1-6)
37 Snooks Rd.
Sutton, ON

Pefferlaw Fire Hall (Station 1-8)
270 Pefferlaw Rd.
Pefferlaw, ON

Community partners

We also support our community partners in their efforts to ensure the health and welfare of our citizens are in good hands.

York Region Paramedic Service 
York Region Public Health
York Region Police (YRP) Services