Fire Prevention and Education


Georgina Fire and Rescue Services are in charge of reducing the risk of fire and loss of property in the Town. It is committed to teaching the public about preventing fires and what to do if one should happen. We teach everyone about fire safety and prevention by visiting schools, community groups and other organizations.

The two mandates of this division are:

  • To enforce the Ontario Fire Code through the Fire Protection and Prevention Act
  • To provide fire safety education to the residents

Home Safe Home

Home Safe Home is a door-to-door educational program to ensure that every home in Georgina has working smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms.

Georgina Fire and Rescue Services visit areas in Georgina with the highest fire rates and help make them safer by:

  • Providing or installing free smoke alarms or combination smoke and CO alarms
  • Providing fire safety information including home escape planning and the top three fire risks by community

What happens at a Home Safe Home visit

  • A firefighter will test existing smoke and CO alarms, and a free battery-powered smoke alarm or combination smoke and co alarm may be installed if required.
  • Residents will receive educational materials on smoke alarms, CO alarms and the top three fire risks in their community.

Home Safe Home visits are confidential and free.

Homes today burn much quicker than they used to.

If your home catches fire, you only have a matter of minutes to safely escape.

Every second counts. A working smoke alarm could make all the difference.

Fire prevention inspections

We also inspect buildings to find and remove fire hazards and to make sure that buildings are in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code and other rules and regulations. When a hazard is found the Inspector will contact the owner of the property and work with them to make sure the hazard is fixed and/or removed. Depending on the seriousness of the hazard, a deadline to fix the issue will be given, or it may have to be fixed right away.

To have your business or building inspected, contact us at 905-476-5167.


All fees are available with the Fire By-laws.


To book a presentation or a tour or more information on our classroom visits, contact us at 905-476-5167 or by email

Kids corner

Fire safety is for all ages. Here are some links for children to visit and have some fun.

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