Short Term Rental Accommodations

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Short Term Rental Accommodations (STRA) such as those acquired via Airbnb, VRBO, Kijiji etc. are operating worldwide where residents and property owners are renting out rooms or entire units for short periods of time facilitated by online platforms.  STRAs have created an informal economy that typically is not yet regulated.

Like many other municipalities, these STRA’s are also operating in Georgina. Through 2017 and 2018 a number of concerns were  raised by the community in relation to STRA’s including conflict with existing residential uses, noise, safety, parking, environmental overload, zoning, taxation, enforcement etc.

The Town does not currently regulate short term rental accommodations and is working on a long term model that would regulate the presence of the STRAs and address the neighbourhood conflict issues. Staff are conducting extensive research into the matter and public consultation will be a component of the proposed regulations.

Please check back to this page for updates and reports related to Short Term Rental Accommodations.



May 14, 2018 - Short-Term Rental 2018 Summer Municipal Law Enforcement Initiative

February 7, 2018    - Short Term Rental Accommodations – Report No. CAO-2018-0003

February 14, 2018  - Correspondence from Town Solicitor Re: Short Term Rental Accommodations – Interim Control By-Law

February 28, 2018  - Short Term Rental Accommodations (STRAs) - Interim Management Options and Third Party Program Development - Report NO. CAO-2018-0004