Policy Planning

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Green Energy

Renewable Energy Projects, such as wind turbines and solar panels are exempted from municipal approvals under the Planning Act, and are subject to the Province’s Green Energy Act, 2009. Part of the Province’s Renewable Energy Approval process includes consultation with affected municipalities, which includes the Town completing the Municipal Consultation Form provided by the Province. As a result, the Town will review and provide comments related to such proposals. The Town will also consider granting Municipal Council Support Resolutions, as required. Proponents are encouraged to contact the Planning Division early in the project development stage to discuss their proposal.

Radiocommunications Tower Siting

Increased demand for wireless communication has resulted in the requirement for additional antenna systems to be located closer to urban areas. In locating new transmission towers and related above ground infrastructure, the locational and design requirements of the facility shall be balanced with the need to preserve the natural and cultural landscape and minimize the impact on the community. Industry Canada is the approval authority for new radiocommunication antenna towers, and their process requires consultation with the local municipality and the public, as required. Applicants are also required to adhere to any local antenna siting protocol that exists.

The Town will review and comment on any new antenna towers in accordance with the  Town's Antenna System Siting Protocol. Applicants are also required to pre-consult with the Town prior to submitting an antenna system proposal. 

Source Water Protection

The Clean Water Act (2006) was enacted to ensure the sustainability of clean, safe drinking water and requires Source Water Protection Plans to be developed and implemented for every watershed in Ontario. The South Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Source Protection Plan received approval from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change on January 29, 2015 and will take effect on July 1, 2015. The Town will be amending its planning documents to be consistent with the Plan. 

Additional information about water protection can be found at:

Greenbelt Plan

The Greenbelt Plan was introduced to protect nearly 2 million acres of valuable land from development by providing permanent protection to the agricultural land base and ecological features and functions occurring on its landscape.

The Greenbelt Plan was created through legislation by the Province of Ontario in 2005, and contains a provision that it is to be reviewed in 10 years of its enactment, which will occur in 2015. The purpose of the Greenbelt Plan Review is to assess the effectiveness of the policies contained in the Plan, and make amendments, if appropriate, to update or include new information or improve the effectiveness and relevance of policies. 

Once the formal Greenbelt Plan Review commences, the Planning Division will be preparing more specific comments and recommendations on the policies in the Greenbelt Plan. A public information meeting will also be held to present staff recommendations and receive public input. More detailed information can be found within Staff Report PB-2014-0018.