Radiocommunication Towers

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Increased demand for improved wireless communication has resulted in the requirement for additional new antenna systems to be located closer to urban areas. In locating new transmission towers and related above ground infrastructure, the locational and design requirements of the facility shall be balanced with the need to preserve the natural and cultural landscape and minimize the impact on the community.

The Town will review and provide either a ‘letter of concurrence’ or a ‘letter of non-concurrence’ for any proposed antenna tower in accordance with the Town's Antenna System Siting Protocol.

Prior to staff accepting an Application for Radiocommunication Tower Siting, proponents are required to apply for and attend a Pre-Consultation Meeting with Town staff. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the proposed location and design of the tower, determine public notice and consultation requirements, and identify required supporting material. Applicable fees can be found in the Town’s Planning Applications and Services Fee By-law.

To speak with someone at the Town regarding radiocommunication towers, contact:

Tolek MakarewiczSenior Policy PlannerDevelopment Services Department905-476-4301 ext.