Planning and Development Applications/Information Guides/Fees

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There are a number of forms, and applications that you need to fill out to for the planning approvals process. The planning team will assist you with your project to ensure it meets town requirements.

Prior to filing out an application with the Planning Division, please consult with the Town’s Planning Division to have any questions answered. You may contact the Planning Division at 905-476-4301 Ext. 2250 or Ext. 2242 for further information.

Information Guides, Applications More Information
2020 Pre-Consultation Schedule  
Pre-Consultation Guide and Application  
2020 Planning Fees
2020 COA Meeting Schedule  
Consent Guide and Application Committee of Adjustment
Minor Variance Guide and Application  
Deeming By-law Guide and Application
Official Plan Amendment Guide
Official Plan Amendment Application Official Plan and Secondary Plans
Part Lot Control Guide and Application Official Plan and Secondary Plans
PDF icon Radiocommunications Tower Siting Application Policy Planning
PDF icon Site Plan Guide and Application Site Plan Approval
Subdivision/Condominium Guide  
Subdivision/Condominium Application Plans of Subdivision and Condominiums
Zoning By-law Amendment Guide Zoning
Zoning By-law Amendment Application Zoning
2019 Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority Fees  
2020 Planning Fees