Lake Drive Jurisdiction Action Plan

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Boasting 52 kilometres of shoreline, Georgina is York Region’s water playground whether you are enjoying a day at the beach, a picnic by the lake, or living by the water. Lake Drive, a popular scenic lakeside road, wraps along the municipality’s shoreline offering a unique opportunity to residents for both direct and indirect waterfront living. Because of this uniqueness, Town Council has been working with Lake Drive North and East residents surrounding the historical and complex matter when it comes to ownership and liability with Lake Drive North and East indirect waterfront lots.

To date, indirect Lake Drive North and East waterfront owners have been accessing the parcel of land on the waterside for their exclusive use and the Town supports this to continue. To address the decades-old matter in a collective, open and equitable manner, Town Council initiated the Lake Drive Shoreline Jurisdiction Ad-hoc Committee (LDSJC) in 2015 comprised of residents, Council and Town staff to come up with options that would seek to satisfy all stakeholders involved.  
In 2017, after receiving recommendations from the LDSJC, the Lake Drive Action Plan was developed, outlining a process of operational and policy decisions geared towards moving the discussion forward to determine a resolution. Town Council has been moving through each step of the Action Plan, acknowledging public feedback as work proceeds towards a solution.
Below are some commonly asked questions about the matter.

Why does the Town need to move in this direction?  

Informal policies and procedures have been put in place over the years surrounding acceptable uses of the lake front properties in question, however, it is being recommended that these be updated and formally approved. This will assist in painting a clearer picture of what is permitted on the shoreline, rights of abutting owners and any associated liabilities.  

Is the Town looking to take my waterfront property?  

Absolutely not. The Town is not looking to ‘take’ or ‘confiscate’ anyone’s property, shoreline or otherwise. The proposed policies would apply where the Town is the owner of the shoreline lands but seeks to solidify continued exclusive use of the lands by the indirect lake front property owner.  

Can I still use the waterfront property?  

Landowners are still able to use and enjoy the waterfront property as they did before. Notwithstanding the fact that in some cases the Town owns to the water’s edge and cannot issue building permits to landowners abutting the east and south sides of the road allowance, the Town does not object to owners making reasonable use and maintaining the road allowance between the travelled road and the lake.  
For more information or to provide feedback
Public consultation will continue to be an important part of the Lake Drive Action Plan process. Ongoing public reports
will be brought forward to Council and residents are invited to attend or access live streaming
on Please continue to watch for information on how you can be involved or provide your feedback at any time to the Acting Town Clerk at 

The Lake Drive Shoreline Jurisdiction Ad-hoc Advisory Committee (LDSJC)

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Map of the Lake Drive Jurisdiction Action Plan Area


Lake Drive Action Plan Documents

To view additional Council reports and minutes, visit the Lake Drive Action Plan Documents webpage and choose a year from the dropdown menu and click apply.