Road Capital Projects

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Road projects include projects related to roads and related infrastructure. This includes improvements to sidewalks, streetlights, ditches and culverts, bridges and roads.

Current projects

Lake Drive and Hedge Road Streetscape Functional Assessment


Lake Drive and Hedge Road are multi-purpose roads used extensively by motorists, cyclists and pedestrians for access to Lake Simcoe. Concerns have been raised by residents and road users regarding road safety so all user groups could share its use in a safe manner. Town staff have put several traffic mitigation solutions in place over the past year including reduced speed limits, community safety zones and the installation of traffic bollards.   

This study is a key component in realizing the vision for Lake Drive and Hedge Road, and transforming it into an inviting, multi-use road that will serve as a destination location for both residents and visitors to enjoy. This project will allow for a comparative engineering assessment of options, taking into consideration community, technical and financial considerations for all road users. The Town has retained an engineering consultant, WSP Ltd to develop the design and assist with public consultation. It will be tied to and support the outcomes of the Waterfront Parks Master Plan. 

This project will follow the master plan approach under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process, including extensive public consultation. Through this process, the study team will confirm the problems and/or opportunities; evaluate alternative designs; select a preferred design; examine impacts on the social, cultural, and natural environments; and identify measures to mitigate those impacts.

Public Engagement

Town contact

Ryan Post, Project Manager, Asset Management and Technical Services


Jay Goldberg, Project Manager, Transportation

York Region projects

These are projects led by York Region. For more information or general inquries regarding these proejcts please see the York Region website.

Frequently asked questions

What different types of road construction are there?

Resurfacing – Replacement of the paved surface in the travelled portion of the road.

Reconstruction – Replacement of the asphalt surface and structural pavement surrounding the road.

What does urbanization mean?

Replacing roadside ditch and culvert systems with curb and gutter or similar.

Who do I contact with a question about the project?

Contact the Town at 905-476-4301 ext. 3001 or

Who do I contact if there is an issue with the project and my property?

Contact the Town at 905-476-4301 ext. 3001 or

What if there is a road project I don’t see on this list?

Visit to ensure that the project is not located on a regional road. 

If the project is not a regional road and is not on this list, contact Service Georgina at 905-476-4301 ext. 3001 or

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