Municipal Tax Registration and Tax Sales

If the Town has been unable to collect outstanding property taxes through our collection procedures, Municipal Tax Sale Proceedings under the Municipal Act, 2001 begin. 

  • The tax registration process starts once a property is at least 3 years in arrears.
  • The first step in the process is registering a Tax Arrears Certificate on title.
  • Once a Tax Arrears Certificate is registered on title, we can only accept payment in full.
  • The property owner has 1 year from the registration date of the certificate to pay the cancellation price.
  • The cancellation price includes all of the outstanding property taxes, penalty and interest and registration costs.
  • If we have not received full payment within 1 year, the property is eligible for tax sale by public auction or public tender.

Information about properties coming up for tax sale is confidential and we are unable to discuss specific properties until they are advertised for tax sale.

This information is not public until the property is up for tax sale and an advertisement appears on the Ontario Tax Sales website and Ontario Gazette.

Updated - Town of Georgina - February 29 Tax Sale 

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