Property Tax Payment Options

In person

We accept payments for property tax by cheque or debit card at the Civic Centre. When coming into the office to make your payment, bring the top portion of your bill with you so we can stamp it paid for your records.

Please note the Town does not accept payment for property taxes by credit card.

Pre-authorized payment plan

When you pay your taxes through the pre-authorized payment plan, you will receive a tax bill in June with your revised payment shown on the bill. This bill is for your records only. No payment is required at that time. Simply continue to make your monthly payments. If your mortgage company pays your taxes on your behalf, you will receive a final tax bill for your records with a paid stamp on it. 

Should you wish to enroll or withdraw from the pre-authorized payment plan, complete and submit the appropriate forms:

Alternative payment options

We have many payment options available for residents to pay their property taxes in Georgina. If you would like to avoid waiting during busy times at the Service Georgina counter, other payment options include:

  • Cash payment at any financial institution
  • Mailing a post-dated cheque (the payee name is Town of Georgina)
  • Dropbox for cheques at the Civic Centre main entrance
  • Telephone or internet banking - the payee name is Georgina Tax

When making your property tax payment via your bank, financial institution, telephone or internet banking, your account number is a short version of your property's roll number as follows:

Example: Roll Number as shown on your property tax bill 1970 000 02345600.0000

The short (eight digit) Roll number version for remitting payment will be 02345600

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