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Georgina is geographically one of the largest municipalities in York Region, situated just one hour north of Toronto on the southeast shores of Lake Simcoe. The municipality is comprised of a number of lakefront communities, small rural hamlets and three larger communities including: Keswick, Sutton/Jackson’s Point and Pefferlaw. Keswick is the largest community with a population of more than 26,000, representing more than half of Georgina’s total population.


The majority of planned growth and development is focused in the Keswick area. 550 acres has been designated on the east side of Woodbine Avenue at the terminus of the Highway 404 extension for the development of employment generating land uses that will provide more than 8,000 jobs in the next 20 years.


Affordable property close to Toronto heighten the Town's appeal, but the historic, lakeside lifestyle is what many find most desirable.


Six reasons to invest in Georgina

1. Location

Within a one-hour drive on Highway 404 to urban centres.

2. Investment ready program

The Business Class Program assists businesses with the planning and development process.

3. Affordable property

Property is currently affordable and is expected to increase in value quickly due to projected growth.

4. Population growth

Georgina's population is projected to increase over 30 per cent in the next 10 years (71,000 by 2031).

5. Appealing lifestyle

Substantially lower cost of living compared to other communities within York Region and the GTA.

6. Skilled labour pool

Large percentage of educated and skilled workers who currently commute and reside within one-hour of municipality.

Georgina is dedicated to facilitating local economic growth and prosperity and to ensuring that the infrastructure and development policies are in place to provide for a healthy community which meets the social, economic and cultural needs of the residents and business owners.


Building Activity

The Town of Georgina is projected to grow to approximately 71,000 people by 2031. After significant growth in 2016, development is expected to continue at a stable pace. Below is a list of updates on building activity in the Town of Georgina as of March 2019.

Value of all ICI construction

2016: 12,300,000,

2018: 14,700,000


Average home price (March 2019)


Georgina: $577,899

York Region: $1,092,715



Georgina: $500,025

York Region: $773,843

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