Economic Strategy and Action Plan

Georgina's Economic Development and Tourism Strategy

The Town of Georgina underwent the process of developing a five-year Economic Development and Tourism Strategy in 2023 to further strengthen and diversify the local economy. The Strategy provides direction and guidance to economic development and tourism activities for the Town over both the short and long term. 

Through the development, we engaged with 344 businesses, stakeholders, Council and residents to provide their input. McSweeney and Associates, the consultant hired to develop the new Strategy, facilitated one-on-one interviews, focus groups, a public open session and an online survey. Staff and the community also participated in a half-day workshop to develop tactics on five themes.

This input, together with other reports, business data and strategies from the Town, assisted in identifying strategic directions, priorities and actions for the Economic Development and Tourism Division. 

Goals over the next five years:

  1. Grow the economy through investment attraction
  2. Grow the economy through the retention and expansion of the existing business community
  3. Grow tourism, arts and culture with a focus on leveraging these assets to create economic impact
  4. Create lively downtowns and public spaces

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2016 Economic Strategy and Action Plan

The Town of Georgina retained the consulting firm, David Cash and Associates, to undertake an update of the Socioeconomic Strategy. Based on the research and information gathered throughout the public consultation process, the Economic Strategy and Action Plan has been developed. It recommends staff focus on the following four key strategies that have the most potential to create employment growth and increase the non-residential tax base:

  1. Support the expansion of the Town's existing key businesses and target new business investment.
  2. Enhance and diversify the tourism industry.
  3. Leverage the economic impact of agriculture, food, and agri-tourism.
  4. Boost Investment Readiness and ensure places to grow and expand.

These four strategies are contained within the Action Plan, which sets out action items and activities that further these strategic directions. The document, as approved by Council, is the  2016 Approved Economic Strategy and Action Plan (July 5, 2016).

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