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Older woman in dark snow suit holding a fish over an open hole in the ice

Fishing destinations in Georgina 

Lake Simcoe – The ice fishing capital of Canada 

Many choose to come to Georgina for the array of fishing spots along 52 kilometres of shoreline, the short drive from Toronto and historical downtowns with accommodations, dining and shopping. Whether you are one of thousands of visiting anglers or a local Georgina resident, everything you need to enjoy this outdoor activity can be found in one of Georgina’s lakeside communities. 

With several well-established ice hut operators in Georgina, it makes it easy for families and others to try this great winter sport. For active hard-core ice anglers, the quality and quantity of fish available in Lake Simcoe brings them back year after year. For complete details on fishing rules and regulations, visit

Ice Hut Operators 

Casey’s Fish Huts, Port Polster: 705-437-1560 website
D&W Sons Bait and Tackle, Sutton: 905-722-3535 website
Dave’s Fish Huts, Jackson’s Point: 905-722-3372 website
Hank Heyink Fish Huts, Jackson’s Point: 905-722-3718 website
Ice Fishing Outfitters, Sutton: 905-715-9718 website
Jason’s Fish Huts, Sutton: 905-955-1104
Paul’s Ice Fishing Huts, Pefferlaw: 705-437-4066
Pefferlaw Fish Huts, Pefferlaw: 705-437-1890 website
Snake Island Fish Huts, Keswick: 905-955-0027 website
Steve’s Fish Huts, Pefferlaw: 705-426-7800

Ice Fishing Derbies on Lake Simcoe 

Lake Simcoe Championship Ice Fishing Derby on Feb. 16, 2020

Perchin for MS on Feb. 29, 2020

If you’re looking for more information on water/ice rentals or marinas, give our Tourism office a call at 905-476-4301. We’ll be happy to help guide you. 

For a complete listing of Georgina's parks that offer fishing, visit the  Municipal Facilities and Amenities Map