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In partnership with the York Support Services Network and Children’s Treatment Network, we strive to make all of our programs as inclusive as possible to better serve children, youth, adults and seniors with special needs. 

Inclusion Support
If a camper requires support to participate in recreation activities, a caregiver or volunteer is admitted to the program at no charge. Arrangements for one on one support staff is based on individual application and availability of screened and trained inclusion staff/volunteers.

Become a Program Buddy!
Are you interested in making a difference in the life of a child or adult with special needs? If so, please contact 905-476-4301 ext. 2238. All volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Application and interview.

*NEW* for 2018 at the Challenge Course (Zipline):

Through the support of the Georgina Accessibility Advisor Committee, the Recreation and Culture Department have installed specialized equipment to increase the service level for patrons of all abilities to experience the Zipline.

The Arm is designed to assist individuals who can bare weight and require assistance in accessing the top of the zipline platform. Participants will be elevated to the zipline platform and set-up to enjoy the experience of the zipline. To exit the Zipline, stairs or lowering assistance will be available.

Reverse Zipline is designed for individuals who cannot bare weight. The experience can take individuals from an assisted device up to the zipline cable where the staff and participants will then pull the individual backwards up the zipline and release when the participant is ready!

To learn more about this expereince, contact Miranda Link, Recreation Programmer at 905-476-8834 ext 3296.

Reverse Zipline

Reverse Zipline

Zipline Arm

Preparing for Zipline Arm