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Each Term of Office, the Town of Georgina Council invites community members to sit on the Georgina Accessibility Advisory Committee (GAAC). The role of the GAAC is to provide vision and recommendations to Council and staff regarding the removal of barriers that exist within our municipal services, facilities, practices and programs and to review site plans upon request.

The Accessibility Improvement Grant Program promotes improved accessibility to existing buildings within Uptown Keswick, Sutton, and Jackson's Point. All applications for this grant program will be considered subject to the availability of funding. Program eligibility will be determined by staff in consultation with the Community Improvement Plan Committee (CIPC).

Terms of Reference

The Committee’s 

 outlines the purpose, general activities and membership responsibility.

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (2013-2017)

The Town of Georgina's 

Committee Composition

The GAAC consists of a maximum of 9 members including two members of Council:

A majority of these members (one-half of total members, plus one) must be persons with disabilities. These Committee members must be representative of gender, ethnicity and different types of visible and invisible disabilities noted in the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (ODA) such as persons with physical (visual, speech, hearing, deaf, brain injury, use of wheelchair or assistive device); cognitive (intellectual impairments); perceptual (learning disability) and mental health issues; the remaining positions may be filled by individuals who may not have a disability. These members may include:

  • persons representative of children with disabilities (ex. Parent)
  • persons representative of organizations involving persons with disabilities; or
  • persons interested in issues related to persons with disabilities

The length of term for a person appointed to the GAAC shall be for the Council Term of Office.

Current GAAC Members

  • Phyllis Baines, Chair
  • Cindy Clarke, Vice Chair
  • Annette Piggott
  • Councillor, Dave Harding
  • Regional Councillor, Robert Grossi
  • Robert McGill
  • Toby Merker
  • Michelle Radigan-Marriott
  • Laura Pangman

The GAAC meets every month in the Civic Centre Council Chambers.

For assistance and information, please contact the Committee Services Coordinator by email at or telephone at 905-476-4301 Ext. 2248.

Agendas and Minutes

Please visit the GAAC Agendas and Minutes web-page.

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