Site Alteration Permits

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Any alteration to the grade of land including filling, dumping, extracting, or moving soil must be performed in compliance with Bylaw 2011-0044 (REG-1), as amended. This by-law was enacted to prevent drainage issues within the Town and to protect groundwater and the environment from contamination.

Site Alteration Permits are required for the following projects:

  • Construction of a new dwelling or accessory structure
  • Construction of an addition to an existing dwelling or accessory structure
  • Foundation repairs or replacement, or construction of a new foundation
  • Installation of an in-ground pool
  • Grading changes that affect drainage patterns
  • Installation or replacement of a septic system
  • The placement of fill material in excess of 20m3 for the purposes of landscaping or site alteration
  • The placement of fill material for the purpose of storage. Storage of fill materials shall not exceed 1,000m3

Pursuant to By-law No. 2014-0048 (REG-1), the placement of more than 2,000m3 of fill is not permitted within the Town.   

If you plan to pursue any of the projects listed above, please submit a Site Alteration Permit Application Form to the Building Division. For guidelines and fees related to your Site Alteration Permit, consult our Information Package for Landowners and Tip Sheet. If your project is specifically related to the construction of an in-ground pool, the guidelines listed here are more suitable.

If you have concerns regarding drainage in your area, please fill out our Drainage Concerns Form.