Udora Gravel Roads


In June 2021, the Town of Georgina assumed the ownership of roads in the Estonian Summer Homes Association and Kova subdivision in Udora. This includes the maintenance of the roads and addressing deficiencies. The Town is in the planning stage of bringing these roads to an acceptable standard as an all-season gravel road surface. An engineering consultant will complete the field studies necessary to design the upgrades. Residents will be invited to provide feedback during the process. See the below estimated timeline of the activities in regards to capital projects, maintenance operations and road assumptions. The Town appreciates your cooperation and looks forward to bringing you these road improvements

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Winter 2022

  • Preparation of project, retain and engineering consultant. Determine what is required to upgrade.

Spring 2022

  • An engineering consultant will complete field studies and design the upgrades.
  • Gravel will be applied as a short-term strategy for keeping the roads usable and safe.
  • Dust suppressant application.
  • Apply calcium chloride to all gravel surface roads.
  • Council report to update Town's Road Assumption By-law to include roads from Plan 588 and 544.

Summer 2022

  • Public information session held to inform residents on progress and allow comment.
  • Spring grading, re-shaping, and addition of new materials.

Fall 2022

  • The engineering consultant will complete the preliminary design analysis of the road construction and drainage improvements to Council.
  • Regular grading as required.

Winter 2023

  • Preliminary design presented to Council for approval.
  • Plowing, ice blading and sand application.

Spring 2023

  • Future project design and construction is subject to Council direction and approval.
  • Apply calcium chloride to all gravel surface roads, spring grading and re-shaping.


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