Office of the Deputy CAO

The Deputy Chief Administrative Office (DCAO) supports the CAO with departmental management and ensuring accountability relating to the delivery of Council priorities across all departments. The department provides strategic advice to Council, CAO and the Senior Leadership team in the areas of property taxes, utility billing, financial planning, internal controls and information and communication technology. This department includes Financial Strategy and Planning, Financial Controllership and Reporting, Taxation and Revenue, and Information Technology Services.


  • Financial Strategy and Planning
  • Financial Controllership and Reporting
  • Taxation and Revenue
  • Information Technology Services

Financial Strategy and Planning Division

The Financial Strategy and Planning division is responsible for the development and administration of the financial functions of the Corporation in the areas of business planning, budgeting, long range financial planning, and capital asset management.

The division also provides financial analysis and guidance with respect to the Town's tangible capital assets and the Financial Strategy aspect of the Asset Management framework.

Financial Controllership and Reporting Division

The Financial Controllership and Reporting Division is responsible for coordinating and analyzing financial transactions, which include payroll, accounts payable, banking and revenues. It also creates the year-end financials in accordance with Canadian Public Sector Accounting Board standards, and, implements and enforces internal controls and policies that safeguard the Town's financial assets.

Taxation and Revenue Division

The Taxation and Revenue Division is responsible for establishing the Town’s property taxation, water and revenue policies with respect to revenue, maintenance and collection. Additional responsibilities include preparing and issuing property tax and water bills to all residential, commercial and industrial property owners, processing revenue related EFT payments and revising and processing property assessment information received from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

Information Technology Services Division

The Information Technology Services Division (ITS) is responsible for planning, strategically implementing and supporting the appropriate and innovative use of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure used throughout the municipality. ITS also assists all divisions and departments in implementing, integrating and streamlining business processes and helping to maintain business continuity.

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