Georgina Council adopts a new Keswick Secondary Plan

Georgina Council has adopted a new Keswick Secondary Plan. This long-range planning policy document will guide future growth and development, investment, and environmental protection within the community of Keswick for the next 30 years.

“This is one of the most important plans for Georgina and the community of Keswick,” said Mayor Margaret Quirk. “Keswick is the largest urban community in the Town of Georgina, and is where the majority of future growth and development will be directed. Having this plan in place will provide the opportunity to manage change as our Town moves forward and continues to grow. I want to thank everyone involved in the creation of the new Keswick Secondary Plan.”

The Keswick Secondary Plan review project has been a multi-year process that has included input from a number of stakeholders, including residents, businesses, the Regional Municipality of York, and the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority. The Keswick Secondary Plan is a comprehensive and forward-looking plan that provides a clear vision for the development of Keswick in future decades and provides a policy framework to realize this vision.

The most significant change in the new Keswick Secondary Plan is the Mixed-use Corridor 2 designation along Woodbine Avenue. The primary purpose of the designation is to provide a sufficient range of retail, office and personal service uses and public service facilities to support the growing population of Keswick and the Town in general. New policies will also permit the introduction of a limited proportion of residential uses into the corridor through mid-rise and high-rise built forms to provide a greater range of housing in the community, and to support the ongoing urban evolution of the corridor.

The adopted Keswick Secondary Plan will be sent to York Region for its review and final approval.

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