Keswick Secondary Plan Review


The Town of Georgina is reviewing and updating the Keswick Secondary Plan. Keswick is the largest urban community in the Town where the majority of future growth and development will be directed. The primary purpose of the secondary plan is to appropriately manage this future growth in a coordinated fashion, which meets the needs of the community and its residents.

The review will include an exercise to assess and update the vision, goals and objectives, policies, and mapping of the plan. The review will look to support the creation of a range and mix of housing options, including mixed-use, affordable and rental housing, strengthen the local economy and improve access to goods and services, encourage active transportation, and enhance public open space and the natural environment.


A second Public Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 28, 2023. The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will be held online through the Zoom meeting platform.

The purpose of this Public Meeting is to present the proposed Keswick Secondary Plan (February 2023) to Council and the public, respond to questions, and recommend adoption of the proposed Keswick Secondary Plan (February 2023) and related Official Plan Amendment.

For those who wish to make verbal representation at the online Council meeting, a Request to Speak Form must be completed and submitted to the Office of the Town Clerk no later than noon on the last business day prior to a scheduled meeting to pre-register.

See the Notice for additional details respecting the event, including how to participate and provide comment.

Proposed Keswick Secondary Plan (February 2023) and Official Plan Amendment

The proposed Keswick Secondary Plan (February 2023), including all text, schedules and appendices, and the related Official Plan Amendment are posted below for public, agency, and Town department review and comment:

Written comments can be submitted via email to, or alternatively, they can be mailed to the following address:

Georgina Civic Centre
26557 Civic Centre Rd.
Keswick, ON, L4P 3G1
Attn.: Tolek Makarewicz, Senior Policy Planner

Public Engagement Opportunities

The Town understands the importance of public and stakeholder engagement in the planning process and encourages feedback and suggestions from anyone with a desire to participate. The input received throughout the process will ultimately result in a stronger, more effective secondary plan, which captures the needs and interests of the community.

Current and upcoming public engagement opportunities include:

  • The Town is requesting written comments on the Proposed Keswick Secondary Plan (February 2023) and related Official Plan Amendment document.
  • A second public meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 28, 2023.  The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will be held online through the Zoom meeting platform.  See the Notice for additional details respecting the event, including how to participate and provide comment.  

To be put on a project mailing list or to share your thoughts and comments, email


Public Comments Received

Prior to the release of Draft #1

Keswick Secondary Plan Review Committees

Steering Committee

A steering committee has been established by the Town and its primary role is to provide leadership, direction and feedback throughout the review. The Keswick Secondary Plan Review Steering Committee is comprised of:

  • Mayor Margaret Quirk
  • Ward 2 Councillor Dan Fellini
  • Five volunteer members from the community.

The Chair of the steering committee is John Rogers and the Vice Chair is Naomi Davison.

Meeting agendas, minutes, and committee information can be found on the Keswick Secondary Plan Review Steering Committee webpage.

Technical Advisory Committee

A technical advisory committee has also been established by the Town in order to provide technical expertise on the review. The technical advisory committee includes representation from Town departments, York Region and the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.

A list of members, meeting agendas and meeting notes, can be read below:

TAC Members

TAC Meetings

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Notes

TAC meeting #1 



TAC meeting #2



TAC meeting #3



TAC meeting #4 




Frequently Answered Questions

What is a secondary plan?

Every municipality has an official plan that provides an overall vision, goals, and objectives to guide future growth and development of the municipality. A secondary plan forms part of the official plan and is intended to provide more detailed direction and land use policies for a specific area within the official plan. Secondary plans include specific land use designations, policies, and mapping which promote a high quality of life for present and future residents. Any development occurring on lands within the secondary plan area is required to comply with the plan.

Why are we reviewing the Keswick Secondary Plan?

The Planning Act requires that municipalities review and update official plans and secondary plans on a regular basis to ensure that they comply with the Provincial Policy Statement and provincial plans.

Since the current Keswick Secondary Plan came into effect in October 2004, the community has seen a significant amount of growth and change. With this, many social, economic and environmental factors that affect how we plan our communities have evolved. Additionally, the land use planning system in Ontario has dramatically changed with the implementation of several key provincial planning policy documents which effect land use and development within Keswick.

The purpose of the review is to:

  • Update the plan to reflect changes to provincial and regional planning policy documents
  • To appropriately plan for the future growth and development of a community where residents can live, work and play

What area of Town will be covered during the review?

The entire community of Keswick as identified on Schedule F1 - Keswick Land Use Plan to the Keswick Secondary Plan will be included in the review.

What types of topics will be considered during the review?

The Keswick Secondary Plan Review will consider topics such as:

  • How/where to accommodate new residents and commercial/employment development
  • How to protect greenspace and sensitive natural areas
  • How to encourage a shift toward more sustainable transportation modes rather than driving alone
  • The balance between intensification in existing communities and new communities in currently unbuilt areas
  • How to provide a greater range of housing options, including affordable and rental housing
  • Appropriate density targets and building types
  • Update of urban design guidelines and creation of architectural design guidelines.

However, as the project progresses additional topics may also be considered throughout the review.

What is the timing and process of the review?

The review will take approximately 1 year, to be completed by Fall of 2020. The review will be completed in three phases. We are currently in Phase 2 of 3. Below is a summary of the three phases:

  • Phase 1: Background Research and Analysis - Involves compilation of background information to understand existing conditions and opportunities for change, as well as the preparation of planning principles and a vision to guide the review.
  • Phase 2: Concept Development - Involves the identification of issues, preparation of options, evaluation of the options, and selection of a preferred concept.
  • Phase 3: Drafting of the Plan - Involves the preparation of the draft secondary plan policies and mapping and approval of a final plan.

An updated Work Plan Gantt Chart presented to Council on October 20, 2021 outlines the anticipated timing of the key remaining project tasks. 


Who will be completing the review?

The review will be overseen by the Town of Georgina Planning Division, and in particular the Senior Policy Planner.

The Town has retained the services of The Planning Partnership to act as the lead consultant for the review. The Planning Partnership will be responsible for policy planning, growth management, consultation and communications, urban and architectural design, GIS mapping, and project management services.

The Planning Partnership will be supported by a sub-consulting team which includes:

  • urbanMetrics, a real estate strategy firm, who will provide their expertise on commercial and employment land analysis, as well as act as an advisor with respect to addressing affordable housing;
  • BA Group, a transportation consulting firm, who will undertake all transportation-related work, in particular addressing transportation demand management strategies; and,
  • Plan B Natural Heritage, an evironmental consulting firm, who will complete the required environmental policy and mapping review/update.

Who is overseeing the completion of the review?

The Keswick Secondary Plan Review is being overseen by a Steering Committee and a Technical Advisory Committee. See above for more information about both Committees.


How can I stay informed and provide my comments?

Updates and information related to the review will be posted on this webpage.

Notices of upcoming public engagement events will also be advertised in the Georgina Advocate and through the Town of Georgina's social media accounts.

To be put on a project mailing list or to share your thoughts and comments, email:

To speak with someone at the Town regarding this project, contact:

Tolek Makarewicz, MCIP, RPP
Senior Policy Planner
Development Services Department
Town of Georgina
905-476-4301 ext. 2297

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