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2024 Budget

Each year, the Town of Georgina passes a budget to determine how funds will be spent.

Feedback can be provided via email to by submitting ideas, comments or questions.

Media release - Georgina Council approves 2024 budget - Dec. 6, 2023

Media release - Town of Georgina releases 2024 draft budget - Nov. 8, 2023

Final budget 

View the Final budget presentation


2024 Final budget document

Calculating property taxes

How taxes are calculated, explaining that the budget and assessed value drives the cost of the property taxes.

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) sets the assessed values for all properties in Ontario. These assessed values are provided to the Town and are updated yearly. To calculate your property taxes, we multiply your assessed value by our tax rate.

Frequently asked questions

What makes up the budget?

A municipality’s budget is made up of two parts:

Operating – spent on running Town facilities, programs and services

Capital – spent on building and repairing Town infrastructure, including roads, pipes and buildings

What funds the budget?

To fund the operating and capital budgets in Georgina, annual revenues are generated. The main sources of revenue are property taxes, user fees and development charges.

Property taxes

Your property tax bill is divided between the Town of Georgina, York Region and the Province of Ontario for education. Georgina uses its portion of your taxes to pay for Town programs and services.

User fees and service charges

These are paid by residents and businesses when accessing certain services, such as recreation programs and permits.

Development charges

These are paid by developers and are used to help fund capital projects such as roads, pipes and recreation centres.

What do my taxes pay for?

This graph breaks down how much of tax payers dollar is being spent on various departments, reserves and debenture payments.

Where do my taxes go?

Your property taxes are used to fund programs and services at the Town, regional and provincial level.

Town Services

  • Animal services 
  • Fire and rescue services
  • Georgina Public Library
  • Licences and permits
  • Infrastructure replacement
  • Maintenance of Town facilities
  • Municipal law enforcement and by-laws
  • Office support and administration
  • Parks, sports field and beaches maintenance
  • Recreation and culture services
  • Roads services
  • Snow removal on local roads and sidewalks
  • Town planning and development
  • Waste collection

Regional Services

  • Maintenance of main/major roads, sewers and bridges
  • Public health services
  • Regional planning and growth management
  • Regional waste disposal
  • Snow removal on regional roads
  • Social assistance
  • Social housing
  • Traffic planning on regional roads
  • York Regional Police
  • York Region Transit and Viva services

Province of Ontario

  • Education 

What is the difference between assessed values and market values?

The assessed value of your house is calculated by MPAC and is based on numerous factors, including location, amenities available, lot size, house size, property sales and overall details of the house. This assessed value is then multiplied by the tax rate to arrive at the property taxes charged by the municipality.

The Market value is the price you would get for your property should you decide to sell; the market value will fluctuate throughout the year and is typically higher than your assessed value. A property's market value has no direct influence on the taxes of a property and is not a reliable method to calculate the taxes on a property.

How often are properties reassessed?

MPAC typically reassesses property on a 4 year cycle, however due to the impacts of COVID-19 the last reassessment was not conducted. Properties are still being assessed using the same values that they were in 2020. If properties are reassessed at a higher value it does not necessarily mean that there will be an increase in taxes.

For example:

How taxes are calculated, explaining that the budget and assessed value drives the cost of the property taxes.

How does the budget impact property taxes?

The budget sets forth the amount of money each year that the municipality must raise in order to meet the objectives within the budget document. The main way of raising these funds is through the property tax levy. The Town of Georgina is a lower-tier municipality, meaning taxes paid for your Georgina property also go to York Region and the Province for the education levy. Approximately 53 per cent of taxes paid go to Georgina. Since Georgina is a lower tier, a budget increase from Georgina will only impact the Georgina portion of your bill.

How can I view the assessed value for my home?

Did you know that assessed values are public information? You can view the roll book located at the Civic Centre or you can view assessed values online at

Financial policies, plans and studies

The Canada Community Building Fund

The Canada Community Building Fund

Previous municipal budgets

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