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Parking lots are available to both resident parking pass holders and those without. The three major waterfront parks (De La Salle, Willow Beach and Holmes Point) have parking lots for both those with resident parking passes and those without. As of July 1, 2021, residents must have a 2021 resident parking pass to park for free in the resident parking lot. All other parking lots will be available to those with passes and those without on a first-come-first-serve basis. For those without a pass, pay-and-display machines are operating. To apply for a parking pass, visit

The Town of Georgina will be operating at reduced capacity.

Please follow the rules of the park and beach to ensure everyone has a positive and safe experience.

  • Maintain physical distancing (two metres (six feet) apart) at all times.
  • No outdoor cooking, BBQ's or any cooking devices in the park or at the beach.
  • Non-medical face masks or coverings are mandatory in enclosed public spaces, i.e. washrooms.
  • No dogs are permitted on the beach area.
  • No fishing in the designated swimming area.
  • Parking lots will be closed once full capacity is reached.
  • Entering the park will only be permitted if space is available. If you choose to leave, your parking pass does not hold your spot, you will only be able to return if space is available.
  • Town is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Parks and beaches are use at your own risk.
  • Your support and cooperation with these measures are appreciated.
These rules will be enforced.
The park and beach may be closed if rules are not respected.

The Town will also be patrolling other waterfront areas and increased staff will be supporting municipal law enforcement officers. In order to limit crowds at these locations, available parking spaces have been reduced. Once parking lots reach capacity, the parking lots will be closed. Residents will be required to display their 2021 resident parking pass to park in the lots. Parking passes are available online at  

If you are not feeling well, or you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or someone who has developed new respiratory symptoms, do not visit the beach  and contact either your health care provider or Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000), or visit an Assessment Centre for testing.

Waterfront Park



Adeline Park

668 Lake Dr. South  Open 

Mill Pond Park

133 High St., Sutton Open

Pefferlaw Dam Park

219 Pefferlaw Rd., Pefferlaw Open

Virginia Wharf

7792 Black River Rd., Sutton Open
Corner Park 100 Clovelly Cove, Pefferlaw


Bonnie Park 

1 Bonnie Blvd., Jackson’s Point


Claredon Beach Park 

9 Windy Shore Dr., Keswick


De La Salle Chapel & Park

1940 Metro Rd., Jackson’s Point


Franklin Beach

743 Lake Drive East, Sutton


Holmes Point Park

131 Holmes Point Rd., Pefferlaw


Jackson’s Point Harbour

1 Bonnie Blvd., Jackson’s Point


Malone Wharf

Malone Road Open

Joy Marritt Parkette

275 Church St., Keswick


North Gwillimbury Park

775 Lake Dr. North, Roches Point


Rayner's Park 
532 Lake Dr. North Open 

Riverview Park

98 Irving Dr., Pefferlaw


Sheppard Avenue Park & Wharf

971 Lake Dr. East, Island Grove


Willow Beach Park

1506 Metro Rd., Willow Beach


Willow Wharf Park

Lake Drive East Open 

Frequently asked questions


Can I have a barbecue?

No. Outdoor cooking/barbecues are not allowed at the beach or park at this time.  

What if visitors do not follow physical distancing and rules of the park and beach?

The park and beach will be closed if rules are not followed. We ask that all visitors respect the rules to ensure a positive experience for all to enjoy.