Building Permits

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Please be advised, the Civic Centre is closed to the public however Building Division services are available on-line (please review the Building Division web pages), by phone and by email.

NEW - ePermits

PDF icon How to apply on-line for an ePermit 

The Building Division asks that you scan and/or convert your required permit documents and drawings into a PDF format and to apply via email. These drawings must be formatted to scale. Home printers will typically print on 8 ½” x 11” and 8 ½” x 14” paper. Printing centres in office supply stores can easily print on 11” x 17” paper at affordable costs. Larger drawings become more expensive and may take time for print centres to process. You will be required to print the issued ePermit document package and to present them to the inspector during inspections so please give consideration to your printing resources.

Larger format drawings may be sent by courier or mail. These MUST be delivered weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Deliveries will not be accepted after hours.

Please call the Civic Centre at 905-476-4301 and ask for an Application Examiner at the Building Division for questions pertaining to the documents that are required to form a permit application.

The Town is able to process payment of building permit fees up to $5,000 by credit card provided there are no deposits required. Therefore staff will review your permit application documents for completion within 48 hours as required by the Ontario Building Code. Building Division staff will advise you of the status of your application, the permit application number and the required permit fee.

The building permit fee may be paid in one of the following ways:

  • If there is a deposit fee owing and for all site alteration permit fees, mail or drop off a cheque along with the invoice at the Civic Centre. The cheque must be payable to the “Town of Georgina”
  • If there is no deposit fee, building permits only may be paid by credit card up to $5,000 by calling Customer Service at 905-476-4301.

Note: any permit requiring a deposit or any fee for a site alteration permit must be paid by cheque.

What do I Need for a Permit?

Your first step will be to find out the zoning provisions for your property.

How to Use the Zoning By-law

There may be some other Town approvals such as:

  • permits to connect to Town water and sewer,
  • entrance permits (for access from a municipal road),
  • lot grading permits, etc.

Approvals may also be required from external authorities such as:

  • Region of York entrance permit (if access is from a Region road)
  • Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority,
  • Ministry of Transportation,
  • Ministry of the Environment, etc.

Before you start work...

  • review the issued permit drawings to ensure that you work in accordance with the Ontario Building Code and other regulations and by-laws,
  • register your project with the Ministry of Labour when:
    • the project cost is expected to exceed $50,000,
    • erecting or structurally altering a building > 2 storeys or 7.5m high, or
    • demolishing a building 4m high with a floor area >30m2
  • contact the Electrical Safety Authority for permits where you are constructing or altering electrical works

For your reference, there are a number of specific guides on these pages and on our Permit Documents and Guides web page.

Please note: The information that is provided here does not anticipate all situations. After you have carried out your research and before starting any work, please contact the Building Division by email at or by phone at 905-476-4301 to confirm the applicable regulations and the need for a permit.



What type of work requires a Permit?

Most of the work listed below will require a permit prior to starting the work. Please contact the Building Division for more information.

  • Construct a new building
  • Additions, renovations, repair and alterations
  • Change of use of a building
  • Demolition of all or a portion of a building
  • Make new openings for or change the size of doors and windows
  • Construction of a detached shed more than 108 ft2 (10m2)
  • Excavating a basement/underpinning of foundation walls
  • Dampproofing foundation walls and installing weeping tiles
  • Constructing a foundation
  • Install or modify any life safety or fire suppression system such as fire alarm, sprinkler or stand pipe systems
  • Install or modify plumbing and heating/air conditioning systems
  • Install or modify fireplaces, woodstoves and chimneys
  • Build a garage, carport, balcony or a Porch
  • Install kitchen or bathroom cup boards with plumbing
  • Construct a detached deck greater than 2ft (600mm) from ground to the walking surface of the deck
  • Construction and repair of deck guard rails
  • Finish a basement or convert a basement room to a bedroom
  • Install a pool with a capacity to hold more than 600mm (2ft) of water
  • Erect roof top solar panels and roof top generators
  • Construction/material alteration of a sign
  • Construct or repair a septic system

You do not need a building permit to:

  • Build a utility shed under 108 sq ft (10m2). Note; the location, height, etc. is regulated by the Town's Zoning By-law.
  • Construct a detached deck less than 2 ft (600mm) above grade in every point
  • Replacement of existing plumbing fixtures, where plumbing is not being altered
  • Temporary tents not more than 60 m2 in aggregate ground area, not attached to a building and minimum 3 metres from other structures
  • Replace same size doors and windows
  • Replace sidings with similar material
  • Painting and decorations and minor maintenance
  • Replace shingles on a roof providing no structural work
  • Replace kitchen and bathroom cupboards without plumbing work
  • Erect a boundary fence that is not used as a swimming pool enclosure. Note; the maximum height is regulated by the Town's Zoning By-law.
  • Demolition of a farm building