Septic System Maintenance

Know where your septic tank is and do not build decks, patios, pools, etc. over the tank which will restrict access to the two lids for required maintenance. If you are unsure as to your septic tank location, please contact the Building Division by email or phone (905-476-4301 ext. 3007) to see if a septic plan is on file for your property.

Have a licensed hauler pump out the septic tank from both compartments every five years for typical family use on a regulation sized tank. Obtain a report that states the condition of the tank. If your septic system is located within 100 metres of Lake Simcoe, or a river, stream or body of water within the Lake Simcoe watershed, then you will be subject to the Town's Maintenance Inspection Program.

Do not delay regular tank maintenance. Once a back-up occurs, solids or grease may be released and clog the leaching bed, causing the need for expensive repairs.

Septic tank additives are not required if non-sewage chemicals, disinfectants and grease are minimized.

Septic-friendly Use Habits - Inside the House

  • Keep water use reasonable
  • Wash only full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher
  • Garbage grinders on kitchen sinks are not recommended as they add unnecessary solids, bones, and grease to the septic tank.
  • Minimize the disposal of fat, oil and grease down drains.
  • Do not use toilet bluing disinfectant agents in toilets. Excessive disinfectant and bleach use will kill septic tank bacteria necessary for breakdown of sewage
  • Backwash from water treatment systems (such as softeners), outdoor hot tubs or swimming pools must not discharge to the septic system
  • Repair leaky plumbing or running toilets
  • Consider water-saving plumbing fixtures such as:
    • Low-flow toilets
    • Shower restrictor heads
    • Water saving washing machines

Protecting the Leaching Bed

Do not:

  • Do not build structures over the leaching bed (including swimming pools)
  • Do not cover with impervious surfaces or landscaping
  • Do not change the grade to a point that affects the depth of the system and/or allows surface water to pond on the bed area
  • Do not drive over bed area with vehicles, snowmobiles, etc. as this will compact the soil and affect the breathing of the system
  • Do not build ice rinks on top of the bed


  • Ensure the bed is exposed to as much direct sunlight as possible to help evaporation. Plant trees away from the bed to minimize intrusion from roots into the stone and perforated pipe in the disposal trenches.

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