Request Building Documents

When building or renovating on a site, you might need copies of certain surveys or plans associated with the site. You can request these documents through our online request portal. You can use this portal to request:

  • Building Permit Information Package 
  • Property Information Reports
  • Property Surveys
  • Septic Plans
  • Septic Compliance Letter
  • Zoning Compliance Letter


Fees associated with each document

All fees are in accordance with Building By-law 2021-0019

  • Building Permit Information Package 

    • Accessory structure or renovation project - $56
    • New House or addition - $170
  • Property Information Reports - $366
  • Property Surveys - $28
  • Septic Plans - $28
  • Septic Compliance Letter - $105
  • Zoning Compliance Letter - $105

Payment options

Once the Town of Georgina's Building Division receives the request for the document we will issue an invoice.

We accept payment through credit card or cash in person or by cheque.

To process your payment, please visit the Civic Centre at 26557 Civic Centre Rd. Keswick, Ontario L4P 3G1, or email Service Georgina or call 905-476-4301 ext. 3005.
Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Document descriptions and details

Building Permit Information Package

This package is prepared to assist building permit applicants with their drawings and documentation. The package includes the applicable zoning information, which would be required to obtain a building permit,  and includes all required forms which must be completed as part of a building permit application.

Property Information Report

A Property Information Report is a building and zoning compliance letter. This letter (typically requested by real-estate law offices) is to determine if there is any record of building or zoning infractions on the property. It also indicates any closed permits that have been issued on the property.

Although we try to complete these in 10 business days, please allow for up to 15 business days to complete this report and send it to the requested party.

Property Survey

Surveys provide information on the size and shape of a property, including markers on the corners of the property. In addition, a survey includes a description of the location of buildings, fences and other structures on a property. In Ontario, only a licensed Ontario Land Surveyor may provide this information. For further details, please review the information at  Ontario Land Survey .

If the Town of Georgina does have a survey of your property, we can provide a copy, however, we are unable to interpret a survey on your behalf and cannot attest to its accuracy.

If the Town of Georgina does not have a survey you may choose to try Land Survey Records or alternatively you may need to retain the services of a Licensed Ontario Land Surveyor to complete a property survey for you.

Septic Plan

A septic plan is a site plan, which includes the location of an existing or proposed septic system on a property. The Building Division will provide the most up-to-date record that we have, however, in some instances, changes to the location or design of a septic system have occurred without our knowledge and/or the required permits. This plan may assist you in locating your septic system.

If you are looking for all of the details of your septic system you will need to go through our Freedom of Information request to request the ‘septic file’ or ‘all septic system information'.

Septic Compliance Letter

A septic compliance letter is requested to confirm that the sewage system was installed in accordance with the governing regulations at the time of installation, according to our records.

Zoning Compliance Letter

A zoning compliance letter provides confirmation that the current or proposed use of the property complies with the Zoning By-law.

For example; if you purchase a building and want to run an insurance brokerage out of the building; your property insurance provider wants confirmation that you are permitted to use this property for this, then you would request a zoning compliance letter.

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