Building Inspections

Please note that Fri. Sept. 30 2022 is a statutory holiday, no inspections will be scheduled for this day. Any requests that are received after 3 p.m. on Wed. Sept. 28, 2022, will take place on Mon. Oct. 3, 2022.

To request an inspection, submit your notification before 3 p.m. on a business day and we will endeavour to complete the inspection on the next business day. (Work must be ready for inspection at 8:30 a.m. on the day of the inspection)

  1. Permit number
  2. Street address of construction
  3. Type of inspection required
  4. Contact name
  5. Contact phone number
  6. Special instructions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to minimize risks from the possibility of exposure to illness, the following procedures are in effect for inspections of buildings:

  • The permit holder/owner may accompany the inspector while maintaining a minimum of 2.0m social distancing.
  • When an inspector determines that masks shall be worn, all persons will be required to supply and wear their own mask that completely covers the nose and chin.
  • The permit representative must provide the set of approved permit drawings and documents for the inspector’s use on site.
  • Where the inspector determines that these procedures are not being followed or that the site is not safe, the inspector may stop the inspection, issue the appropriate inspection report and invoice the permit holder/owner for the required re-inspection.

Do Not Cover Construction

All construction that requires an inspection must not be covered prior to being inspected by a municipal building inspector. Any work that is covered without being passed by a Town of Georgina building inspector may be subject to an Order to Uncover issued by the Chief Building Official and prescribed service fees as set out in the Building By-law 2015-0150.

For your information, the back of the permit placard that was received when the permit was issued is marked with the required inspections.

Additional inspection fees

A fee is payable for re-inspection of a previously failed inspection due to defective or incomplete work.

Deposit refunds

Construction permits for new buildings and demolition permits of all buildings with plumbing, a deposit is collected prior to issuance. The deposit is returned only to the person identified on the receipt if the final inspection results in permit closure within 6 months of occupancy of new buildings or satisfactory completion of  required inspections related to demolitions.

When do I need an inspection?

You will find the required inspections marked on the back of your permit placard that accompanied your issued permit. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to notify the Building Division when the work is ready for the appropriate inspection. Safe access must also be provided to the building that is to be inspected. The permit placard must be posted and all approved drawings must be on site for the inspector. 

The following are some stages of construction that require inspection by the Building Division.

  • Demolition
  • Before pouring concrete for footings/structural slabs/piers
  • Foundations (before backfilling)
  • Structural framing
  • Insulation, vapour barriers and air barriers
  • Readiness to occupy (prior to occupying)
  • Fireplaces / wood stoves / chimneys
  • Sewers, underground drains and water services before backfilling
  • Water distribution piping
  • Pressure tests of plumbing systems
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Fire safety systems such as fire separations, alarm systems, sprinklers and standpipe systems, emergency lighting, exit signage
  • Commercial exhaust hoods and dust collection systems
  • Septic system construction and repair
  • Pool enclosures prior to filling the pool

For a complete list of required notifications and inspections, please refer to the Town's Building By-law 2021-0019, the Swimming Pool Enclosure By-law, and/or Ontario's Building Code.

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