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Everyone loves a good garage sale… and it's important to know all the facts before hosting one. In Georgina, that means getting a Garage Sale Permit.

To obtain a permit online, please submit the Online Garage Sale Permit Form .  A completed  garage_sale_application.pdfGarage Sale Permit Application may also be dropped off at the Town of Georgina Civic Centre, Keswick Library, Peter Gzowski Library (Sutton) or the Pefferlaw Library.

What is a garage sale?

Any sale where second hand goods or materials are sold or displayed for the purpose of sale from any property zoned residential, rural, institutional, open space or transitional and include: craft sales, yard sales, garage sales, lawn sales and are held for a maximum of three consecutive days.

Everyone holding a garage sale is legally responsible for ensuring that products being sold, whether new or used, are safe and meet current regulatory requirements. It is important to only sell items that are in good condition. Damaged articles should be discarded.

Did you know...

As per Town of Georgina By-law #2002-0176(REG-1) residents are only premitted to have 3 garage sales each calendar year.

Certain products can't be sold at garage sales because they're banned such as:

  • Baby Walkers
  • Infant Self-feeding Devices
  • Jequirity beans, or anything that is made with jequirity beans
  • Lawn Darts with elongated tips
  • ​Polycarbonate Baby Bottles containing BPA

To check out all banned products see the recalls link below.

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