Pefferlaw Dam

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The Pefferlaw dam and river are just two of the unique features that gives this area its distinct charm and character.

A locally cherished resource with deep historical roots, the Town is working with the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA), which oversees its operation, on solutions and options for the area.

The LSRCA recently announced changes surrounding the annual placement of ‘stop-logs’ that are used to restrict the flow of water. Following concerns raised during routine dam maintenance and inspections, an engineering consultant was hired for further examination. Structural and safety concerns were confirmed, resulting in the closure of the bridge for the foreseeable future. The bridge is necessary to install the stop-logs, and to ensure the safety of staff, they will not be installed this year. The inspection also indicated structural concerns with the dam that need to be further investigated and addressed to ensure dam safety.

Further details including background information and the Pefferlaw dam report can be found on the LSRCA’s devoted Pefferlaw Dam page.

The LSRCA will be conducting further investigations with a more complete structural analysis to determine viable options moving forward. No decisions beyond 2020 operations have been made at this time.

Public Engagement

The Town and LSRCA understand the importance of the Pefferlaw dam to residents and the entire community. Once potential options for the dam are known, residents will be enagaged to help determine what the next steps look like for this popular area. 

Sign up for the LSRCA’s Pefferlaw dam mailing list for updates.  

Fire Protection

When fighting fires in Pefferlaw and the surrounding area, the following water sources have been and will continue to be used:

  • Shuttling water from a hydrant location in the Sutton area
  • Draft from the Main St bridge dry hydrant (A dry hydrant consists of an arrangement of piping with one end in the water and the other end extending to dry land and available for connection to a pumper)
  • Draft from the firefighting storage reservoir located adjacent to the Lions Hall  ( this is the location that is registered with Fire Underwriters and allowed Fire service to receive our tanker Shuttle certification)
  • Mutual aid agreements with surrounding departments.

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