Georgina Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee

Mayor's anti-racism statement

Anti-racism statement from Mayor Margaret Quirk and Karen McGill, former Chair of Georgina’s Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee - read the full statement

Georgina Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee

Each Term of Office, the Town of Georgina Council invites community members to sit on the Georgina Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee (GEDAC).

Agendas and Minutes

Visit the GEDAC Agendas and Minutes webpage.

Terms of Reference

The Committee’s Terms of Reference outlines the purpose, general activities, and membership responsibility.

Terms of Reference

The Georgina Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee (GEDAC) consults with the Georgina community to provide information, advice and assistance to residents and visitors and to Town Council relating to the enhancement of community relations and promotion of equity.

Committee Composition

The GEDAC consists of a maximum of seven members including one member of Council, one representative from the York Regional Police Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bureau, one representative from the Sandgate Women's Shelter of York Region, and four citizen appointments. 

The length of term for a person appointed to GEDAC shall be for the Council Term of office. 

Current GEDAC members

Members for this committee are currently under review.

More Information


The GEDAC works to

  • Promote mutual trust and respect among Georgina’s diverse community groups and the institutions and agencies that serve them.
  • Provide advice on policy and practices relating to inclusiveness and community building to ensure that the contributions, interests and needs of all sectors of the Town of Georgina’s population are reflected in the Town’s operations and service delivery.

The GEDAC also, through its membership since 2009 in the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination (CCMARD), shares experiences with other municipalities to improve their policies against racism, discrimination, exclusion and intolerance.

The GEDAC meets every month in the Civic Centre Council Chamber.

For assistance and information please contact the Committee Services Coordinator by email at or telephone at 905-476-4301 ext. 2377.

Contact Us

26557 Civic Centre Rd,
Keswick, ON  L4P 3G1

T: 905-476-4301 / 705-437-2210
F: 905-476-8100

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.